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Wife’s First Business Credit Card – Chase Ink Bold

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I usually do some extensive credit card churning, while my wife occasionally signs up for a few credit cards (which I manage).  We’ve actually never signed up for a business credit card under my wife’s name because she doesn’t want to deal with talking on the phone or did she have a real business.  However, she does sell things on Craigslist from time to time, so that can be considered her business.  We decided to go for my wife’s first business credit card because the Chase Ink Bold offer of 60K was hard to pass up.

I signed my wife up for the Chase Ink Bold on 5/26/14 through the link in my credit card deals page.  I put sole proprietor and her social security number for her tax ID.  I was truthful in all aspects on the application and even stated that her predicted annual sales would only be about $1,000.  I didn’t put some absurd sales number like $20,000 or anything.

After filling out the application, we got an application pending notice.  I decided to not call the reconsideration line and just be patient and wait.  A few days later, my wife received an email saying she was approved!   

Automatic Approval 2 days later!

Automatic Approval 2 days later!

Important things to note:

1. Chase auto approved her a few days later.  I basically applied for the card for her without her having to do anything. No hassle for her and free 60K points for us after meeting minimum spend.

2. A simple Craigslist business qualified for the Chase Ink Bold. Almost anyone with good credit can qualify for a business credit card. If you are doing simple business transactions you qualify as a sole proprietorship using your social security number.

I also applied for the US Bank Club Carlson credit card for her and she also got approved for that one too. I stuck with 2 credit cards for her because I like to keep it “light” on her account.  If you are financially responsible, don’t be afraid to apply for a business credit card.  My wife’s first business credit card was an easy success!

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