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Use AMEX and Gold Airline Credit for Amazon Gift Card

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The AMEX Platinum and Gold personal credit credit cards currently give a $200 and $100 airline credit respectively.  The airline credit is to be used for seat upgrades, in-flight purchases, change fees, and a few other incidentals.  However, there is a way to use the AMEX Platinum and Gold airline credit for Amazon gift cards.

United currently has a phone app MileagePlusX, which helps you earn extra United miles by shopping through their Apple or Android phone app.  In a nutshell, it is like shopping through an online cashback portal, except on your phone.  On this app, you can buy Amazon gift cards and earn extra United miles by doing so.  It just happens that these purchases work for the annual AMEX Platinum and Gold airline credit.  Make sure you select United as your preferred airline before you start this process. So, I was able to purchase a $100 Amazon gift card through the app and was reimbursed the $100 2 business days later.

Free Amazon Credit with AMEX Platinum or AMEX PRG Card.

Free Amazon Credit with AMEX Platinum or AMEX PRG Card.

An Amazon gift card is almost as good as cash to me.  I used to buy airline gift cards and they would sit in my inbox for 2-3 years because I would barely ever buy revenue tickets for personal travel.  Now with Amazon, I can spend that in a month or so on everyday essentials or other things.

Since I applied for this card in June, I can get another $100 of Amazon credit next January.  I don’t have the AMEX Platinum right now, but it should work buying an Amazon gift card through MPX.  I’m not sure if $200 is safe, but doing $100 increments would definitely work.  I would say that this feature increased both the value of the AMEX Platinum and Gold credit cards.  A $100 airline gift card is not worth $100 to me, but a $100 Amazon gift card is worth about $95 to me because you can get 5X points on Amazon gift cards using your Chase Ink Plus credit card (the best credit card ever).

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