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Why upgrading CHASE Sapphire Preferred to Reserve may benefit you

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Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve are two of the most valuable cards you can own, but the only drawback is that you can hold only one of the cards at a time. So if you are a Chase Sapphire preferred cardholder, you might wonder whether you own the right card, or maybe you might be feeling like you are missing out because you think the Chase Sapphire card is better. Let’s see why upgrading CHASE Sapphire Preferred to Reserve may benefit you.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

  • This specific card has an annual fee of $95.
  • Trips scheduled through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel portal earn you 5x points.
  • 5x bonus points on Peloton transactions above $1,800, the maximum bonus of 25k points until March 2022.
  • 5x extra points on Lyft purchases until March 31, 2022
  • 3x different earning points on online shopping for groceries, but this does not include Walmart, Target, and other wholesale malls)
  • 3x on dining from a wide variety of places
  • Three times earnings on streaming sites and services
  • 2x on different trips and travels that you might go on
  • 1x on all the other purchases, which does not include the services mentioned above

More Benefits from Chase Sapphire Preferred

When you sign up and make $4000 worth of purchases or more, you will receive 60,000 extra points on your cards. This must be achieved within the initial three months after purchasing the cards for you to be eligible to earn the additional 60,000 points. 1.25 cents will be the value for ultimate rewards travel portal redemptions.

Each card member’s anniversary comes with a $50 hotel credit. This may be utilized on reservations made through Chase Travel Portal. Additionally, you can get up to $60 back on an approved Peloton Digital or All-Access membership. This is available until December 31, 2021. You will receive 10% of your points back every year of having the card in your possession (owning) based on your spending. Unfortunately, there is no lounge access available for Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholders.

You will receive rental car insurance for all the primary vehicles, but this does not include expensive exotic cars. If your trip or flight is delayed, you will be given trip delay insurance of up to $500 per ticket. You will be covered for delays which might even require you to stay overnight. If your baggage is delayed during air travel, you will be covered with up to $100 per day for five days. There is no Authorized user fee. This card offers fantastic deals for many people, and even the annual price is quite affordable for the majority.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • This card has an expensive annual fee compared to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, which is $550 per year.
  • When you book Chase Dining through Chase Ultimate Rewards, you’ll get a 10 percent bonus.
  • 10x points on hotel and vehicle rental purchases made through the Ultimate Rewards Travel site will be offered to you after spending the first $300 on travel purchases per year.
  • 10x bonus points on Peloton purchases above $1,800, up to 50k bonus points which lasts until March 2022.
  • Earn up to 10x on Lyft purchases till March 31, 2022.
  • 5x on airline travel purchased through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel site after spending the first $300 on travel purchases per year.
  • 3x on every travel purchase, you make and 3x on dining purchases.
  • 1x on every other purchase, you make excluding the ones mentioned above.

More Benefits from Chase Sapphire Reserve

After making purchases worth $4000 within the first three months of purchasing the card, you will receive 50,000 points which are 10,000 points less than what you get in the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. 1.5 cents will be the value for ultimate rewards travel portal redemptions. Annual travel credit of $300 Credit for Global Entry/TSA PreCheck application fees up to $100. You will receive $60 annually for DoorDash credit.

You can get up to $120 in statement credits on a qualifying Peloton Digital or All-Access membership. Priority pass select on lounge access. Primary vehicles, even on exotic cars and luxury vehicles. Gives up to $75,000 in compensation for theft and collision. You will receive up to $500 per ticket as compensation for trip delays of six hours or more, which includes delays that might require you to stay overnight. Up to $100 for baggage delays. $75 will be charged as Authorized user fees.

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Why upgrading CHASE Sapphire Preferred to Reserve may benefit you

Lounge access

The best approach to improve your airport experience is to visit a lounge. Lounges transform the airport from a hassle to a destination in and of itself, thanks to complimentary beverages and food, plentiful power outlets, comfortable chairs, and even showers. In addition, cardholders of the Chase Sapphire Reserve receive a complimentary Priority Pass Select membership, which allows them to access any of the organization’s 1,300 lounges globally and bring up to two guests for free.

A similar Priority Prestige membership costs $429 per year and allows members access to lounges, but visitors cost $32 each. Chase plans to open its lounges by 2022, as it is expected to offer a new condition experience to its customers. In addition, authorized users with Chase Sapphire Reserve accounts (each of which costs $75 per year) get their Priority Pass membership.

Enhanced trip delay insurance

For delays of at least 12 hours or those necessitating an extended stay, the Chase Sapphire Preferred offers up to $500 per ticket. The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers the same monetary amount of coverage, but its insurance kicks in after only six hours, making it applicable to a broader group of delayed passengers.

Sapphire Reserve cardholders set up their timer for six hours because once they reach that point, they may buy food, order transportation, book a hotel, and handle any other charges that may arise, up to $500 per ticket. Thanks to this bonus, Chase has provided me with a number of high-quality dinners and lodging in reasonably upscale hotels over the years.

You will receive unbelievable perks through the Chase travel portal

If you are a person who books trips and flights online, then you are likely to get more value for your points with Chase Sapphire Reserve compared to Chase Sapphire Preferred. Even though it seems like the redemption rates are low, you will receive a more considerable amount when you are redeeming thousands of points added up in total.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred’s redemption rate is 1.25 cents per each.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve’s redemption rate is 1.5 cents each.
  • Reserve cardholders will earn extra points on select purchases when making purchases through the Chase travel portal.
  • 10x on car rental, hotels, and chase dining.

How to upgrade your credit card

Your current credit card may generally be changed to a card from the same company. You can notify Chase that you wish to switch from Sapphire Preferred into a Reserve. If granted, your account and card number will remain the same. However, you will not be able to earn a welcome bonus by merely changing your present card’s product. In fact, according to Chase’s application and bonus eligibility regulations, you’ll lose the 50,000-point bonus on the Sapphire Reserve.

So, instead, before applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, consider reducing your Chase Sapphire Preferred to some other Chase card. But, before you do, double-check your time.

If you have any Sapphire card or if you’ve earned a new cardmember bonus for any Sapphire card in the last 48 months, you won’t be eligible for the Sapphire Reserve. This is according to Chase Bank Regulations. So, if you’ve only had your Chase Sapphire Preferred for a few months, you’ll need to wait until you’ve reached the 48-month threshold before using the method below. Instead of closing your Chase Sapphire Preferred card, downgrade it to another chase card.

This way, you will retain any remaining Chase ultimate rewards points. Chase Freedom Flex and Chase Freedom Unlimited are two unique cards that you can go for. They both have amazing deals and offers, with even more great rates on different types of purchases. To cancel or reduce your card, you can either message them or call them. Mention that you need to change your cards, and they will guide you through the process. After that, wait until they approve the card change.


It’s clear that if you own a Chase Sapphire Preferred, it’s in your best interest to consider changing to Reserve. It has many clear benefits. Enhanced rates and services can go a long way and help you in many ways. But as always, do more research about each card individually to get a clearer image.

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