Wednesday, September 27, 2023

UBS Announces Bold Investment Banking Overhaul in the Wake of Credit Suisse Merger

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  • UBS is set to enact significant changes within its investment banking division following the Credit Suisse merger.
  • The restructuring aims to create cohesive teams post-acquisition and may involve personnel adjustments.
  • Credit Suisse bankers are expected to assume key roles in the integrated company, while UBS bankers may leave as part of the reshuffling.
  • CEO Sergio Ermotti’s goal is to seamlessly integrate UBS and Credit Suisse despite potential challenges.
  • The restructuring underscores UBS’s commitment to reclaiming its position in the dealmaking landscape.


UBS Group AG is on the verge of initiating extensive changes to the upper echelons of its investment banking division on a global scale, expected to commence as early as Monday. These developments mark a significant advancement in the integration process of Credit Suisse following UBS’s swift takeover in June.

These transformative measures are centered around the objective of creating harmonized teams subsequent to the finalization of the emergency acquisition. The restructuring efforts will encompass various dealmaking units, spanning sectors such as healthcare, consumer/retail, financial sponsors, and equity capital markets.

With the strategic realignment in motion, select Credit Suisse bankers are anticipated to assume more pivotal roles within the newly amalgamated entity. Conversely, a subset of UBS bankers may exit the firm as part of this reshuffle, ensuring a congruent and unified approach moving forward.

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This strategic maneuver underscores CEO Sergio Ermotti’s resolve to integrate UBS and Credit Suisse, a complex process involving extensive considerations. However, finer details of these restructuring actions remain under refinement, with adjustments still possible before an official disclosure.

This move is a reflection of UBS’s broader strategy to harness synergies arising from the merger and leverage the combined strengths of both institutions. Industry experts are keenly observing this transition, recognizing its significance and potential impact on the financial landscape.

UBS’s ongoing effort to reestablish itself as a formidable presence in dealmaking is evident in its recent performance. The institution secured the eighth position in Refinitiv’s global mergers and acquisitions league table during the first half of 2023. While slightly down from its prior sixth-place ranking, this reaffirms UBS’s commitment to regain and consolidate its standing in the dealmaking domain.

Moreover, the strategic implications extend beyond leadership changes. UBS is confronted with the prospect of workforce adjustments as it embarks on this transformative journey. Indications point towards a potential reduction of approximately 30,000 to 35,000 jobs, aligning with UBS’s cost-saving objectives.

As UBS embarks on this monumental restructuring endeavor, the financial industry closely watches the outcomes. Anchored in the integration of Credit Suisse, UBS aims not only to adapt but to thrive within an ever-evolving financial landscape, reaffirming its dedication to delivering value and innovation to clients and stakeholders alike.

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