Monday, October 2, 2023

Two of My Setbacks in Manufactured Spending

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Sometimes manufactured spending doesn’t always go exactly as planned.  I’ve never really had any serious problems or loss money unintentionally manufacture spending.  However, I had a few incidents over the weekend.  I consider these my setbacks in manufactured spending.

US Bank Visa Gift Card

US Bank Visa Gift Card

I bought two $500 US Bank Visa gift cards from Ralphs the other day, and the transaction went through. These cards are  I obtained the receipts and went to try to use the cards on Evolve Money.  However, it didn’t work so I tried registering the card.  That also did not work, so I called the number on the back of the card.  The customer representative informed me that the cards were not activated properly.  I asked if I could return them to the store, but he said I could not.  The only thing I could do is fax in the following info to 414-341-7600:

  • All receipts from the purchase of the gift cards
  • Photo of the front and back of the card
  • Photo of the front and back of the packaging
  • My full name, phone, and email

The representative said I would receive confirmation of activation in about 7-10 days afterwards.  That is A LOT of work for something that wasn’t my fault.  Hopefully they activate the Visa gift cards soon because I don’t like floating funds for more than 30 days.  This is probably one of the biggest problems I’ve had since I started manufactured spending.  It’s very important to keep all store receipts and the actual cards until the cards have been completed liquidated. 

My second setback in manufactured spending was my favorite CVS stopped allowing credit card purchases on Paypal MyCash cards.  After Vanilla Reload cards were no longer available, I was still able to buy Paypal MyCash cards.  However, it looks like I can’t seem to buy them anymore.

These are some of my setbacks in manufactured spending.  Having to deal with this gift card activation problem is requiring more effort than benefit.  Vanilla Reloads required almost no effort, but I’m  starting to think Visa gift cards are not worth the trouble.  Have you been having some setbacks or problems? 

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