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Top 15 Drop Servicing Ideas to Kick Start Your Journey.

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Drop Servicing, Drop Servicing, Drop Servicing! What is it?

Drop servicing is a company strategy in which you sell services such as logo design, social media management, translation, article writing, and so on for a fee. However, you do not perform it yourself but rather outsource work to other freelancers for a lower price. As a result, the difference between the owner and the freelancer is your profit.

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From The Dealer to You.

If you wonder how the whole drop servicing process works, here are the steps on how:

  • First, the customer needs a service done online.
  • Then, the store automatically directs the order to you without any delay.
  • The customer’s service is then sent to a freelancer who would do the job for you.
  • Then the service is directly offered to your customer.

If you are fresh to the field of drop servicing and are wondering what to work with, here are 15 of the best drop servicing niches you can explore.

Let’s Get The Party Started!

1. YouTube Intros.

Launched on February 14, 2005, YouTube has more than one billion users monthly. However, with tons and tons of channels with so many different contents, most content creators struggle to get new subscribers while another set of creators succeeds to use their talent and maybe a dash of luck to make their way up this world.

How can I use this to start my drop servicing career? You may ask. Well, it is pretty simple. You need to just search for the channels with the least number of subscribers. The subscriber count can be around a hundred or a thousand. Then, you need to browse through the videos they have created and analyze them carefully.

You can even use the Channel Crawler, which will help you look for YouTube channels by filtering out the specifications you need (e.g., the number of subscribers in a medium, number of likes, videos, and such).

Once you come across a channel with videos without any intro video that is not so appealing, leave a comment in the comment section or get their email from the ‘About’ section and message them directly about the services you offer. There’s a chance that some producers might be interested in such a deal, and they may be your first customers!

2. YouTube Thumbnail Designing.

Just like how we spoke earlier about getting YouTube channels intro videos to rise into recognition with more subscribers, there is another thing that you can try for your drop servicing service. YouTube is mainly focused on original content, and what else would help other than having your very own custom made thumbnail for your video!

As the thumbnail is the first thing a person surfing through the channels see, this will be a great idea with a lot of potential for rising profits as there is no end to the content you find on YouTube.

3. Data Entry.

This is a sort of clerical labour that includes inputting data into computers using various procedures such as typing and voice recording. Data entry clerks are employed in multiple industries, including healthcare, banking, retail, and transportation.

Typically the payment rate will depend on the typing speed. This is because you are more likely to earn more in the industry, depending on your pace. A good place for you to start freelancing is by visiting Fiverr. Here you will be able to post your offers.

What Do I Need? A Guide on What To Look in Freelancers.

To be a good data entry clerk, you must have a variety of abilities. Keep in mind that you will need to spend a significant amount of time on your computer to gain these skills.

  • Improve your language. Prepare yourself to learn to read, write, and proofread at a higher and professional level.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try to practice by typing anything into a word document while timing your speed. Try to reach at least 35 words per minute. Then, visit free online tests to identify your typing speed and improve yourself.
  • Grain enough IT skills. You must be able to utilize computer applications to enter and edit electronic data and save your work. Look for free online lessons for major computer products like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel on the manufacturer’s website or video hosting sites. It may also be beneficial to learn how to utilize primary office devices with computers, such as a scanner and printer.
  • Boost your interpersonal skills to maintain good relationships with your clients.

4. Web Scraping.

Web scraping is the practice of extracting material and data from a website using bots. After then, the scraper may reproduce the complete website’s content elsewhere. Web scraping is employed in many digital enterprises that rely on data collection.

Imagine your client needs you to know the decision-makers of the fastest-growing companies in the US. So, as the owner of the drop servicing firm, you start searching for freelancers who specialize in web scraping. Once you come across one, you need to send him the list of the fastest-growing companies in the US for him to extract data.

If you are keen in the art of web scraping, you must find valuable tools like ParseHub or OctoParse.

5. Data Mining.

It is somewhat like web scraping, but in data mining, you are supposed to collect data from websites and look for trends, anomalies and patterns. But what is the purpose of doing it? Doing so can help to increase the customer experience by preventing breaches, fraud and more.

Data mining requires a lot of tools such as:

  • MonkeyLearn.
  • Orange
  • SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler.

You can apply data mining in almost every field, such as:

  • Media
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Communication

6. Writing.

Imagine a professional website but without any professionally written components. Woah! Just the idea of such a horrific website gives me goosebumps. Many companies nowadays dream of having well-scoring blogs with articles that engage the reader and a hundred views. Only a handful succeeds in doing so. Instead of taking him on a roller coaster of emotions, whatever is written should be well written and coherent for the person who reads the content.

Let us give you a hint: charging your customer per word is an excellent approach. Furthermore, some understanding of the topic would be ideal for analyzing the freelancer’s job accurately.

7. Ghostwriting.

Seems like an exciting term, right? Well, don’t worry, this is nothing like what the Ghostbusters do in the movie. Instead, Ghostwriting is what you call when a person writes a song but doesn’t perform it to an audience. Instead, the lyrics are custom created for a singer.

Not just songs, ghostwriters write plenty of other things like blog articles, posts, books and such.

There are everyday events concerned with this expert relationship: The “author,” who hires the freelance author to supply content material for an agreed-upon fee, takes the credit score for all of the unique paintings produced. On the other hand, the “ghost,” the freelance author who’s commonly paid earlier of finishing the task, receives the cash as a “paintings for hire” task and assumes not one of the credit scores for their ghostwriting paintings.

8. Transcription.

Have you seen the captions that pop up once a person in a video speaks? Well, if you have, that’s what transcription is. But, first, you need to find a customer looking for someone to write down the text from the spoken video.

If you and your freelancer manage to hit the target and deliver a transcription that is so well done with good performance, guess what! You bought yourselves a recurring customer.

9. Graphic Designing.

Graphic designers are well in demand in the society now and is a good income if you manage to get it done on time according to your clients’ needs. Some services that are in need from graphic designers are:

  • Logo designing.
  • Ad designing.
  • Custom made graphics.
  • Book covers.
  • Album covers. Yet the services are not limited to what I have listed.

Check every pathway and ensure what suits you best. Next, take off with the selected branch of design.

10. Video Creation.

Another niche to consider is video creation. Similar to graphic design and writing services, this can also be quite different. You can choose between short videos, ads, VFX, and animations. They all fall into the video creation category.

This can be:

  • 2D animation.
  • 3D animation.
  • Comics
  • Cartoons
  • Cartoons
  • Black and white animations.

Before starting your drop servicing career in one of the pathways in video creation, make sure to do your bit of research and find the best creators to help you gain more clients.

11. Social Media Management.

There are lots of unmanaged or poorly controlled social media profiles that might want a few polishing up. Doesn’t be counted how new and clean the agencies are. They regularly begin with growing a social media account. That truth by myself creates a want for social media managers.

This specific niche requires a lot of experience and practice to nail the clients’ needs, so you need to make sure your freelancer is competent enough to handle the tasks. Your freelancer will perform from marketing and advertising to customer care and support.

12. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

An SEO is a crucial factor in every blog and website that delivers the best, high-scoring content. In addition, most companies require writing their content based on SEO.

SEO includes tasks like traffic analysis, keyword search and text structuring. And SEO can be divided into:

  • On-page SEO.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Off-page SEO.

Partnering with a freelancer who has prior experience in SEO would help the work be more creditable and easier.

13. Developing Websites.

We all love a fast, optimized and nicely coded website. That’s why website designing is a significant drop servicing idea to work on. Usually, businesses search for developers to create a new look on their websites. But make sure you find a freelancer who has enough experience with it, or it won’t be as easy as you think.

14. WordPress Customization.

There are many WordPress-based websites out there, and masses of them wouldn’t think a few optimization and customization. Whether it’s customizing the subject or solving the present bugs, they want for such offerings is real.

However, opposition for any such area of interest might, in all likelihood, also be high, though if you could offer remarkable service, this drop servicing concept should become a profitable business.

15. Advertising.

It is the most common pathway out of all drop servicing ideas, but it doesn’t make it less critical. On the contrary, advertising is one of the most important ways a company should rise to the top amongst its competitors.

Advertising can be done via means of:

  • Social media ads
  • Webinars
  • E mails


Drop servicing is a profitable business, but you always need to remember that nothing works miracles overnight. Your business will take time to set up and look for the most experienced freelancers to partner with.

Well, there it is! The top 15 drop servicing ideas to kick start your business. We couldn’t fit more ideas into the article, so always make sure to dive into new pathways and choose what’s best for you. Be patient, and then everything you want can be achieved!

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