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The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Fly to Hawaii: Points and Miles Tips

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Hawaii is the one location we hear people raving about over and over again. That is, however, unsurprising. People fantasize for years about taking a beach vacation on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Hence they can relax by the water, eat and drink deliciously, and simply get away from it all. Do you want to know the best cost-Effective ways to fly to Hawaii using Points and Miles. Then stay with us! However, look at the cost of cash tickets to Hawaii. So you can see why individuals need to save up for this trip. Fortunately, there are various ways to purchase flights using miles and points and save a lot of money. Here, we’ll go over the various economy and domestic first-class award booking options available to you. We’ll also discuss choices for people. Further, we will tell more details for those who prefer a lie-flat seat similar to what you’d find in an international business class cabin configuration.

The Most Cost-Effective Ways to Fly to Hawaii Using Points and Miles 1

The Best Programs for Booking Hawaii Award Flights

Before we go into each of the most pleasing possibilities, it’s worth noting that reserving award tickets to Hawaii in advance can make your life a lot easier. Because so many people purchase cash tickets, award space may not always be easily accessible. But if there’s one thing that will make booking an award to Hawaii even more accessible, it’s schedule flexibility. Being open to travel on alternative dates or other months might offer some incredible options, as with any award bookings.

Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles

Using Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles on United flights is a huge hidden gem that many people aren’t aware of. You may fly with United from anywhere in the United States for just 7,500 miles in economy or 12,500 miles in business class using Turkish miles. You’ll need to send an email to the Turkish Ticket Sales Office with the specific flight information you’re looking for (including the flight numbers, flight times, etc.). All of this information can be found by searching for award flights on United.com, but keep in mind that the award flight must be available at the Saver level to ensure to be booked. Once you have mailed the office that provides tickets with your flight deals and Miles & Smiles account, you will have to wait for some time. The only problem is that the availability of the ticket may go away while you wait for your email reply, but there is no other possible way around it. Once Turkish Airlines has replied with the availability of the ticket, you can now book the ticket. Unless you already have a high number of Turkish miles, you’ll need to transfer some from Citi or Marriott at this stage. After this, all that is left is for you to pay the fees and taxes. Turkish has a smaller number of transferrable currency alternatives than some of the other currencies on this list. However, you can use both Citi ThankYou Points and Marriott Points to make reservations.

Korean Air SKYPASS

Korean Air’s SKYPASS program offers attractive economy and business class redemption rates on its SkyTeam partner Delta. While Chase Ultimate Rewards points can no longer be transfered to Korean SKYPASS, miles can still be earned in various ways. For SkyTeam partner award bookings, Korean Air SKYPASS uses a region-based award chart. Unlike many other airlines, Korean Air treats the whole United States as a single area, including Hawaii. As a result, redemption rates on Delta are pretty reasonable and far superior to Delta’s own SkyMiles program. On Korean Air’s website, you can search for award space and book from there. Simply pick SkyTeam Award after selecting Redeem Miles; else, the required city pairings will not appear. If you don’t see reward space when you search, double-check on Air France’s website, which is usually the best place to look for SkyTeam partners. If you can’t find a seat on Air France, you can phone Korean Air to reserve.

Class of Service Delta Flights Taxes/Fees
Economy 25,000 SKYPASS miles $11.20
Business 45,000 SKYPASS miles $11.20


Air France/KLM Flying Blue

The Air France/KLM Flying Blue program, is our second SkyTeam option for booking award flights to Hawaii. Although Flying Blue’s redemption rates aren’t nearly as fantastic as Korean Air’s SKYPASS, there’s a significant reason why they might be the best option for you, which we’ll go over below. Air France/KLM Flying Blue, like Korean Air SKYPASS, can book reward flights on SkyTeam member Delta and Alaska Airlines. However, flying Blue, unlike Korean Air, does not offer different redemption rates for these airlines. The round-trip economy and business class redemption rates to Hawaii are shown in the table below.

Class of Service Delta/Alaska Airlines Flights Taxes/Fees
Economy 35,000 Flying Blue miles $11.20
Business 60,000 Flying Blue miles $11.20

  As you can see, Flying Blue requires a minimum 5,000 more miles to travel Delta in the economy than Korean Air SKYPASS, but the redemption rate for business is the same. Using Air France’s internet search, it’s simple to find award space on Delta. You can simply complete the booking procedure online once you’ve found a spot. You can call to place an award ticket on hold if you need to transfer points and are concerned that someone else will book the award space while you wait for your Flying Blue miles to post. Alaska Airlines has a unique way of booking reward tickets. You won’t be able to discover award space using Air France’s online search, so you’ll have to either call and ask an agent to look for you or go to American Airlines’ website to do so. If you pick the latter, you must phone Air France to finish your reservation.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

Our most acceptable Star Alliance partner option for booking award flights to Hawaii on United Airlines with Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. Sure, you could book using United MileagePlus… But why would you possibly want to do that when you could save 10,000-20,000 points and use additional transfer partners instead? Until a recent date, if you wanted to book an award flight with a Singapore Airlines partner, you had to phone to make the reservation. Those who wished to fly to Hawaii on United Airlines had to look for space online through Air Canada’s Aeroplan program, then give the flight numbers and dates to a Singapore Airlines representative. Now that Singapore Airlines allows you to look for and book award tickets with Star Alliance partners online, you have a much better option. This is an excellent move, given that it is the best option for booking United flights to Hawaii.

Class of Service United Airlines Flights Taxes/Fees
Economy 35,000 KrisFlyer miles $11.60
Business 60,000 KrisFlyer miles $11.60

  These same flights would require 45,000 United MileagePlus miles in economy class and 80,000 miles in business class if booked with United MileagePlus miles. So it is not only cheaper to use Singapore KrisFlyer miles, but they’re also considerably easier to gain.

British Airways Executive Club (From the West Coast)

You may have noticed that we haven’t talked about how to go to Hawaii with American Airlines. British Airways Executive Club allows you to do just that. Not only that, but British Airways Avios may also be used to book Alaska Airlines award flights. Unlike the other alternatives, British Airways Executive Club uses a distance-based award chart, which means the total number of Avios required to book an award journey is decided on the distance you travel. As a result, if you want to utilize your points, nonstop flights are best. With this in mind, British Airways’ award chart offers a terrific opportunity to book endless economy class award tickets on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines from the West Coast to Hawaii. You can purchase a nonstop economy class reward for 26,000 British Airways Avios round-trip from numerous major West Coast airports. In addition, American Airlines would charge you 45,000 Advantage miles, while Alaska Airlines would charge you 40,000 Mileage Plan miles for the same flights! If you’re looking for award space on American Airlines flights, go to the British Airways website to search and book. For example, to book an Alaska Airlines flight, go to American Airlines’ website and then phone British Airways. The phone agent will require your trip dates and flight numbers to search the specific flights you found on American Airlines. 

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You may easily book award flights to Hawaii regardless of the transferrable currency you wish to use. In fact, it takes substantially fewer points to do so than other destinations, making it easier to bring a loved one or a friend. If you want to go to Hawaii in business class, use 25,000 Turkish Miles&Smiles miles to fly with United or 15,000 miles in economy class (if you can find Saver availability). As you can see, the question with miles and points isn’t if you can go to Hawaii, but when! You’ll be ready to book in no time if you have this information. Remember that while searching for award space in a popular destination like Hawaii, travel date flexibility and planning ahead go a long way. Also, make a beach packing list to ensure that you don’t forget anything at home.  

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