Swagbucks pending from Staples.com Visa gift cards

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I recently posted that you can receive Swagbucks from Staples.com purchases even on Visa gift cards. Although the terms say no Swagbucks honored for gift card purchases, I believe Visa gift cards are allowed.  My account now shows Swagbucks pending from Staples.com Visa gift cards.

Buying Visa gift cards from Staples.com with Swagbucks can earn you profit and points at the same time.  I would use Evolve Money or Amazon Payments or Walmart to liquidate these gift cards.  It may be tedious, but it can be worth the trouble for free points and Swagbucks.

If I liquidate my Visa gift cards, I can earn 6,210 Swagbucks on 5x $200 Visa gift cards.  This would cancel out the $35 in fees and would earn me a profit of $27.10.  In addition, I can earn 5X using my Chase Ink Bold credit card and earn 5,710 UR points.

Swagbucks Pending

Swagbucks Pending

My Visa gift cards have been sent out and I haven’t received them yet.  I am pretty confident that I will earn the Swagbucks in a month or so.  I’m sure you can figure out some strategies for manufactured spending with this tip.  Good luck everyone.

Swagbucks Sign Up Link (my link, thanks!)