Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Review of Clever Coffee Dripper

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Although going to Starbucks can be enjoyable, but spending $4-$5 on a drink (maybe less if you are creative) can add up.  So, I like to make my own coffee with the Clever Coffee Dripper, especially at work.  This way, I can spend less, travel more.  Ever since going to Italy in the summer, I have become more of a coffee critic (but not a snob hopefully). I decided to review some products once in a while to help people spend less and travel more.  My first review will be a review of Clever Coffee Dripper.

The Clever Coffee Dripper is a very simple coffee maker that can make a cup of coffee in about 3 to 4 minutes with no mess. The best part is that it costs less than $20 on Amazon.  I often see this device at many hipster coffee shops where they charge $2-3 for a cup of brewed coffee.  Using this device, you can make your own coffee for maybe around a quarter a cup!  Here are the basic steps to brew a great cup of coffee:

  1. Place a paper filter in the Clever Coffee Dripper and pour the grounds into the filter.  I use a Melitta Paper Filter #4, and it works great!
  2. Pour near boiling water on top of the grounds and cover the lid.
  3. Wait about 1 minute and stir the grounds gently.
  4. Wait another 2-3 minutes and place the Clever Coffee Maker on top of a mug or use two chopsticks, if your mug doesn’t fit.
  5. Throw away the filter and the coffee grounds, or make another cup of coffee.  I found that if you use the same filter and pour more grounds, the next cup of coffee tastes even better!
  6. Enjoy your cup of coffee. 🙂

I discovered some great coffee like Lavazza while backpacking through Italy. If you like very strong coffee, I would recommend Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee.  If you like decaf coffee, Lavazza also has a decaf coffee which tastes as good as regular coffee.  Hope you enjoyed the review of Clever Coffee Dripper.  Spend less, travel more!

Overall, I recommend to the Clever Coffee Dripper.  It is a simple way to make coffee with no mess.  I have a hot water dispenser at work, so it works great with that.  All you have to do is throw away the filter to clean up.  No more paying $2-3 for hipster coffee! Be a hipster yourself and make coffee.  I am by no means a coffee expert, but I would say this is a cheap way to make great coffee!

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