Friday, December 1, 2023

Refer a Friend to Chase Ink Plus 70K Offer!

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Right now, one of the highest offers yet for Chase Ink Plus (my favorite credit card) has come out with a limited time offer of 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points after spending $5,000 in 3 months.  Check your e-mail for a chance to refer a friend to Chase Ink Plus 70K offer!

I received a targeted email offer yesterday that led me to the following page:

Chase Ink Plus Refer a Friend

Chase Ink Plus Refer a Friend

You can refer up to 5 people with this promotion, up to 50,000 points at 10,000 points per person.  That is quite a generous referral bonus and even better sign up bonus of 70,000 points!  Note that the $95 annual fee is not waived, but this is still a great deal.  With 70,000 points you can almost book 3 roundtrip tickets to Hawaii from the west coast or a business class ticket one-way to Europe on Lufthansa’s 747-800i, and much more! I value 70,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards at about $1,050 at 1.5 cents per point.  Chase Ultimate Rewards has definitely been my favorite points that have helped me travel the world for free and you can too as well.

The reason why this credit card is so great is because you can earn 5X at all office supply stores and on your cable, cell phone, and internet bills.  I constantly buy Amazon and gas gift cards at Office Depot or $200 Visa gift cards at Staples and earn 5X.  

I actually have two Chase Ink Plus credit cards.  One of the cards is a Mastercard and the other newer Chase Ink Plus credit card is a Visa.  The refer a friend promotion is definitely targeted because I had to put the exact card (Chase Ink Plus Mastercard) that was referenced in my email.

If you don’t have an official business, you can sign up with your social security number under a sole proprietorship.  I use this website as my sole proprietorship and haven’t had any problems getting approved for any Chase Ink credit card.  My first business I used to apply for the Chase Ink Bold was selling things on Amazon and Ebay.

If you get the credit card now, you may be able to meet the Amazon Payments deadline by October 13.  You can also load AMEX Serve with your Chase Ink Plus at $1,000 per month. These techniques can help you reach the $5,000 in 3 months spending goal.  Also holidays are coming up, so some people will have no problem reaching the spending limit (sad, but you earn 70K points :D)

Here is my Chase Ink Plus refer-a-friend link.  Feel free to post yours as well.  Thanks if you choose to support.  Did you an email to refer a friend to Chase Ink Plus 70k offer?

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