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Premium Perks Without a Premium Fee: United Explorer Card Review.

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What is an Airline travel card?

An airline credit card is usually referred to as a partner travel award credit card jointly offered by the card issuer or network and a particular airline. When using the card, cardholders can frequently earn frequent flyer – miles services for award travel on that airline and other airline-specific awards. Generally, you can make a certain number of miles for every $ 1 spent.

This card is helpful to both the workers who use their money to travel and the travellers’ categories as they both sure do use the airline service more frequently. By having this card, you can make purchases with your preferred airline travel card. And the benefit is whenever you make an airline purchase from an airline travel card, you can earn miles and eventually a discounted or free flight time or other benefits like a free ticket for your partner. They usually offer from 2 – 5 miles for a dollar. Some of these cards even allow you to go grocery shopping or pay for your accommodation and earn miles. So it’s like just spending money as usual and making more miles.

There are a couple of popular airline travel cards. One of them with a four-start rating from ‘Investopedia’ is the United Explorer Card by Chase Ultimate Rewards and United Airlines.

The United Explorer Travel Credit Card.

The airline credit card issued as a collaboration of Chase Ultimate Rewards and United Airlines is one of the most famous United States travel credit cards. This collaboration offers you a range of travel cards, each with its unique rewards. 

We will talk about the United Explorer Mileage Plus Credit Card Out of these cards. It offers you a fantastic welcome bonus of 50,000 mileages. And the annual fee is free for the first year and then just $95 per year. Other than these, the card offers you benefits like 2x miles on United purchases, dining and hotel stays with terms and conditions applied. In addition, it has an average rate of 16.49% – 23.49% APR, which is a lower APR rate than just regular credit cards.

Premium perks without a premium fee.

According to ‘Investopedia’ among the other reward cards, this has more benefits and rewards than others, but low fees are not necessarily. So, as per their specifications, this card has got six positions. 

  • Best Overall Credit Cards
  • Best Rewards Credit Cards
  • Best Travel Credit Cards
  • Best Airline Credit Cards
  • Best Chase Credit Cards 

So, there are pros and cons, even if it’s the best from so many sides. Let us discuss those in detail according to what is mentioned by famous informative sites.


  • Valuable rewards program –

    Like many airline cards, United Explorer offers two miles on the airline’s MileagePlus program for every dollar spent on flights and most other airline purchases. However, as this card states on other cards, this fee applies not only to the restaurant or hotel where you are a carrier partner but to all restaurants and hotels. Redemption for United Travel is equivalent to 2.19% revenue, which is real value. However, these are averages, and United Airlines does not allocate certain miles to award flights. When you redeem your awards, and on your flight, you may receive more or less than your average amount.

  • Particular benefit every time you fly in United Airlines –

    Like other airline credit cards, United Explorer offers discounted baggage check-in and fast-tracking through airport security. On all United/United-operated flights. You can save up to $120 from a round trip with complimentary checked baggage for yourself and one other person when booking. You’ll also get a credit for 25% off your in-flight purchases, including food, drinks and Wi-Fi. Plus, you get a refund of up to $100 every four years when applying for a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. The first program provides rapid security screening at U.S. airports. In contrast, the second program provides the ability to bypass U.S. Customs and Border Protection queues and includes TSA advance screening rights, which is a huge relief to a frequent air travel user.

  • Many travel perks and protections –

    Travel credit cards with low annual fees offer just as many perks as this, starting with priority boarding. You can also enjoy complimentary tickets to United Club, the airline’s lounge where you can take a quiet break from the airport’s noise, and two complimentary drinks and food annually. The card also provides coverage against cancellation or interruption of travel, including loss of baggage and flight delays. You can also receive complimentary guest privileges at Luxury Hotel & Resort Collection hotels and other amenities with which they have a partnership.


  • Few free checked bags are allowed – With your United Explorer Card, you and the other person on your itinerary will receive one free checked bag. However, if you are travelling as a family of 4. You will have to pay $70 each way if everyone has checked luggage. Many other airline credit cards offer free baggage check-in for more people. For example, if you use American Express’s Delta SkyMiles Gold credit card, you can check in one piece of baggage for nine people per reservation for free.


  • Free first checked baggage 
  • Two United Club One-Time Passes 
  • Priority boarding 
  • Extended Reward Availability 
  • Elite tier label 
  • 25% discount on flights 
  • Up to $100 in application fee credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck  
  • Access to the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection 
  • Purchase protection when shopping 
  • Extended Purchase Protection Guarantee
And they offer you security and guarantee on your travels with,
  • Trip cancellation and disruption insurance
  • Baggage-delay insurance
  • Lost luggage and trip – delay compensation
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Alternative card replacement and cash services

As expected, the United Explorer Travel Credit Card is not a regular airline credit card. It offers many benefits to those who prefer United Airlines. However, despite having an annual fee of $95 after the first year. it’s also an attractive card for those who don’t have a preferred airline and are willing to consider an airline-branded card. The card allows you to earn United Points on airline flights and restaurants, and hotels and purchase several domestic flights with a solid and easy to make an initial bonus. The card’s international coverage and attractive travel privileges on United’s partner airlines add to its appeal. And this card is most suitable for frequent travellers, frequent diners, international travellers and loyalty discount seekers.

However, many other travel credit cards offer different benefits. just like the United Explorer credit card, and it is up to you to decide which card is right for you by comparing their annual fees, APR rates, foreign transaction fees, bonuses and rewards and most importantly about the security they offer.


These are purely the opinions of the author based on observations of financial platforms. And a study of public ratings on the United Explorer Travel Credit Card and its benefits. Excerpts from various sources have been used to clarify the facts of this article. A glossary of all sources can be found at the end of the article. This article is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice.

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