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JetBlue and Qatar Airways Have Launched a Mileage-Exchange Program

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Hello guys! So, today’s article is for people who are interested in mileage earning. This is excellent news for you. JetBlue and Qatar Airways have launched a mileage-exchange program.

Anyway, Qatar Airways and JetBlue announced that their “strong partnership” will be extended earlier this year. So the future is bright, with the airline’s code sharing on additional flights and reciprocal reward program perks for Privilege Club and TrueBlue members on the horizon.

So, flyers on JetBlue and Qatar Airways may now earn points/miles on both airlines. It is one of the reciprocal perks that was ultimately delivered.

Who will obtain Qmiles on JetBlue and JetBlue Express flights?

Members of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club may now earn Qmiles on JetBlue and JetBlue Express flights. Additionally, Qatar Airways flights provide TrueBlue members with the opportunity to earn points.

What perks are available for the Members of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

  • Members of the Privilege Club can now travel to more places around the United States.

By linking beyond Qatar Airways’ U.S. gateways onto JetBlue’s 100-city network while collecting Qmiles, you may travel to the Caribbean and Central America. This raises the total number of destinations in the Americas to more than 300.

  • In addition, it allows Privilege Club members to earn Qmiles when flying with their partner airlines.
  • On all qualified Qatar Airways-operated flights, TrueBlue members can earn TrueBlue points.
  • Qatar Airways flies to 140 destinations in over 80 countries, including New York (JFK) and Boston, offering handy JetBlue connections.
  • With Qatar Airways, you may earn TrueBlue points depending on the ticket you buy and the distance you fly.
  • In addition, TrueBlue members may earn additional points by travelling Qatar Airways’ premium First and Business class flights.

Ten airports that have the JetBlue code on Flights

  1. Doha’s Hamad International Airport
  2. Boston Logan International Airport
  3. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  5. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  6. Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  7. Miami International Airport
  8. New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport
  9. Philadelphia International Airport
  10. Washington Dulles International Airport

This will create a link between the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Eight locations outside of Doha that Qatar Airways has placed the JetBlue code on flights

  1. Amman, Jordan’s Queen Alia International Airport
  2. Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  3. Maldives’ Male International Airport
  4. Oman’s Muscat International Airport
  5. Salalah International Airport
  6. Seychelles International Airport
  7. Singapore Changi Airport
  8. Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport

Miles awards by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, unsurprisingly, awards miles depending on distance travelled, with the following earning rates:

  • Business (C,D,I,J) – 125% of distance flown
  • Economy (B,E,H,K,M,O,P,Q,R,S,U,V,W,X,Y,Z) – 100% of distance flown
  • Economy (N) – 50% of distance flown
  • Economy (L, T) – 25% of distance flown

While not ideal, these earning rates are pretty similar to those offered by JetBlue to TrueBlue members on Qatar Airways flights.

Which program do you choose to credit your flights?

Overall, which program you choose to credit your flights to will depend on which currency you value the most and which program offers you the best elite status earnings. As a result, I expect most individuals to continue credit their Qatar Airways and JetBlue trips to the same program they’ve been using.

If Qatar Airways and JetBlue start granting elite status credits for travelling on one other’s flights, that may change. We’ll have to see how much those earnings are. But I don’t know the status quo altering for the time being.

Fascinating new option in JetBlue/Qatar Airways collaboration

There is one intriguing new option that the JetBlue/Qatar Airways collaboration now offers that wasn’t previously available: fliers may now credit JetBlue’s transatlantic flights to a new program.

Flights on any of JetBlue’s London routes cannot be credited to the AAdvantage program due to the American Airlines/JetBlue alliance. However, they can now be credited to the Qatar Airways Privilege Club.

The earning rates aren’t fantastic. They’re on par with JetBlue’s domestic earning rates. But they’re excellent news for Oneworld members who aren’t interested in the TrueBlue program.

Anyway, remember that the Qatar Airways Privilege Club is a Citi, ThankYou transfer partner. Therefore, any miles awarded to the Privilege Club can be supplemented with earnings from Citi cards such as the Citi Premier Card and the Citi Prestige Card.

Reciprocal miles are now available.

They said that reciprocal mileage redemptions would be available at some time in the future. However, there is no timetable for this and no information on the redemption rates. Even when it’s life, the Qatar Airways Privilege Club partner award chart isn’t precious, so I wouldn’t expect that to be a particularly excellent offer. On the other hand, Emirates Skyward’s redemptions on JetBlue are a great offer.

The lack of good partner redemptions has been a massive drawback of the TrueBlue program up until now, and it would be fantastic to see that improve.

Now let’s see some common questions that people have about this topic.

How can you join the Qatar Privilege Club?

Joining the Qatar Privilege Club is simple and free. Visit the Qatar Airways website to register. To enter, you must be over the age of eighteen.

You’ll have to provide your personal information, but they won’t ask for your credit card information.

The following information is required to register.

Name in full

Date of birth

Place of residence

Contact information through email

Phone number

What exactly are Qmiles, and how can I use them?

When you or a family member travels on Qatar Airways, one of our preferred travel partners, or uses our partner services, you will earn Qmiles. Qmiles can be redeemed using them.

How long will my Qmiles be valid?

As long as the member engages in Qmiles accrual/redemption activities with Qatar Airways or its partners, Qmiles will not expire (Air, Non-air).

If a member doesn’t engage in any activity for 36 months in a row, all of their QMiles will expire. Their expiration date will be three years from the date of their last accrual or redemption activity.

For example, if a member’s last accrual/redemption activity was on January 2, 2018, and they have not done any after then, the total amount of Qmiles will expire on January 1, 2021.

Members who have earned the status of Platinum Qmiles will not expire as long as they are in the Platinum tier at the time of expiration.

How can I get my Qmiles revalidated?

Log into your Privilege Club membership account at and select the revalidate my Qmiles option, then follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you may revalidate your Qmiles by visiting our Member Service Centre, where one of our service representatives would be pleased to help you.

Members can use this tool to revalidate complete or partial Qmiles that have expired in the previous year. Each Smile costs $0.015 to revalidate online and $0.020 to revalidate offline. The revalidated Qmiles will be valid for 36 months from the revalidation date, and transactions are non-refundable.

Is it possible to upgrade to business class using Qatar points?

If you’re already booked on a Qatar Airways flight, you can request an upgrade with your points. Upgrades, like award flights, are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can request an upgrade when you check-in at some airports, or you can request it ahead of time online or over the phone through Privilege Club. This means you’ll have greater chances to earn an upgrade, whether you book ahead of time or right before your flight.

Upgrades are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth airports in Australia; eligible international airports include Doha, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, and London Heathrow. Simply locate a Qatar Airways employee, display your membership card, and inquire about an award upgrade.

How long must I wait for Qmiles to appear in my account?

After we process the flying revenue, we credit Qmiles (uplifted flight coupons). This is typically done on the 18th of the month for the previous month’s flown coupons. By the 20th of the month, all members should be able to see their updated balance and status on

What may Qmiles be used for?

While flights and upgrades are the most common uses for Qmiles, they may also be used for the following:

You have too much luggage. You may use your Qmiles to pay for additional luggage starting at 5kg on Qatar Airways flights.

Use Qmiles to shop and pay. You may use your miles to pay for products at Qatar Duty-Free or the Oryx Galleria in Doha while flying via Hamad International Airport (in Qatar’s capital city).

Deals are simple. This service offers Qatar Airways award tickets discounts, saving up to 50% off the normal Qmiles necessary for redemption. These offers change periodically and may only be available for a short time.

Points for the hotel. If you wish to redeem your miles for hotel incentives, you may exchange a minimum of 4,500 Qmiles for 1,000 points in the Le Club AccorHotels rewards program. As a rough estimate, 2,000 points in this hotel program will save you €40 (about $65) on your hotel stay.

Is it possible to purchase additional Qatar points?

Yes, if you wish to redeem a certain reward but don’t have the required Qmiles, you may purchase extra to bring your balance up to par.

It’s a straightforward procedure. However, there are a few guidelines to follow:

For US$35, you must purchase a minimum of 1,000 Qmiles.

Each calendar year, you can purchase a maximum of 250,000 Qmiles.

Before purchasing more Qmiles, you must have earned at least 1,000 Qmiles.

On Qmiles, there are no refunds.

In addition, the cost of Qmiles is determined by the number of miles purchased in each transaction. As a result, the more Qmiles you buy at once, the less per Qmile you’ll spend.


How to get the most out of your Qatar Airways Qmiles

To see what your reward redemption choices and rates are, you must input the preferred cabin as well as the route you intend to travel into the Qcalculator. Unfortunately, Qatar Airways does not publish an award chart for using Qmiles on Qatar Airways flights. So instead, you must enter the desired cabin and the route you wish to fly into the Qcalculator to see your award redemption options prices. When you’re attempting to plan vacations and weigh possibilities, this might be problematic.

On Qatar Airways flights

Redeem Qmiles for a flight on Qatar Airways.

There are a few more things to think about. Let’s see them now.

You may double your Qmiles by reserving during peak periods (popular reservations). However, keep in mind that this reduces the value of Qmiles by 50%.

Bookings may be made using Qmiles and cash. When you don’t have enough Qmiles in your account to book the appropriate flight, this feature comes in handy.

You may even treat yourself by using your Qmiles to upgrade to business or first class on the airline instead of paying the whole fare.

Tip: As a geeky tip, use your Qmiles to get additional baggage on Qatar Airways flights for yourself or your friends. Excess Baggage Awards are what they’re called, and they might come in useful if you’ve accumulated a lot of keepsakes along the road.

On flights with a partner

Redeeming Qmiles for partner airline rewards is a better option. At the moment, the Oneworld alliance has 14 full members:

  • Alaska Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • British Airways.
  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Finnair.
  • Iberia.
  • Japan Airlines.
  • Malaysia Airlines.
  • Qantas.
  • Qatar.
  • Royal Air Maroc.
  • Royal Jordanian.
  • S7.
  • Sri Lankan.

You can also use your points on non-Oneworld airlines like Bangkok Airways, LATAM Airlines, GOL, and Middle East Airlines.

Tip: If at all feasible, credit your miles earned on paid Qatar flights to partner airlines like American Airlines and British Airways to avoid collecting Qmiles in the first place.

Other methods

Qatar Airways trip packages are another method to earn Qmiles. For every $1.37 spent, you’ll get one Smile.

Friends and relatives can get Qmiles as a gift. There is a charge for this.

Redeem your points for shopping. Pick up or purchase in-store at Hamad International Airport after shopping online.

Purchase Qmiles. Members of the Qatar Privilege Club can purchase up to 250,000 Qmiles per year in 1,000-mile blocks.

Partners in car rental. Renting a car through partners such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz,, Salik, and Sixt can earn members up to Qmiles.

Hotel associates. Members may earn points by staying at one of more than 30 partner hotels, including Kempinski, Hilton,, and Shangri-La.

How can I get my lost Qmiles back from Qatar Airways?

New members can claim to miss Qmiles up to 180 days after their first Qatar Airways flight. Existing members can claim to miss Qmiles up to 90 days after their first Qatar Airways flight. For more details, you can visit to file a claim for lost Qmiles on Qatar Airways. Your flight information and ticket number will be required.

You must give your flight ticket number for missing Qmiles requests filed through other channels on Qatar Airways, such as any Qatar Airways ticketing office or our Member Service Centre.

So that was some of the frequently asked questions by people who are interested in the reciprocal milage.

Qatar Airways and JetBlue are starting to deliver on their April pledges by allowing Privilege Club and TrueBlue members to earn reciprocal miles. Unfortunately, flyers can’t yet use Privilege Club miles or TrueBlue points on JetBlue or Qatar Airways. But that’s reportedly on the way, and while no mention of elite status credits has been made. I’m hoping that they’ll be available at some time in the future. So we have come to the end of my article. I hope you gather some interesting points from this article.

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