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Ink Business Credit Card $900 Bonus Cash Back Offer

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Best-ever sing up bonus for Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card, and Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card offers $900 cash for the first $6000 spent within the first three months from the day you created your account. Even if we consider this the best sign-up offer, it will end soon. As Chase has indicated. THIS OFFER IS GOING TO END SOON.


Do you have any thoughts about having one of these business credit cards? If yes, then act fast. Or you will be too late.

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited and Chase Ink Business credit cards are the most famous Chase credit cards since they are currently offering their best-ever reward to their customers, which is a $900 sign-up bonus after you spend $6000 within the first three months.

And do you know these business credit cards offer the most extended 0% annual fee? With these offers, the Chase business credit cards follow a range of offers,

As for the Chase Ink Business Cash offers, the offers are a bit more complicated,

  • 5% cash back for the first $25,000 combined purchases in office supplies, stores, and internet, cable, and phone services for each account’s anniversary year.
  • 2% cash back on the first $25,000 spent on combined purchases at gas stations and restaurants during each account’s anniversary year.
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • A rental car collision or damage coverage
  • Lost luggage insurance ($3,000 per person per trip)
  • You can also add an employee card as well for no additional fee

Chase Ink Business Unlimited

This one is simple,

  • 1.5x points or cash backs per all purchases.
  • A rental car collision or damage coverage
  • Lost luggage insurance ($3,000 per person per trip)
  • You can also add an employee card as well for no additional fee

You can redeem your rewards as cash back, gift cards, travel, and more. Check out Chase Ultimate Rewards. And there are no deadlines to redeem the cashback or rewards. Cardholders can receive their rewards as long as the account is open.

This is also relevant to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card or Chase Sapphire Reserve.

If you are worried that you will not be eligible, then check these out,

Whether your business is large, small, just a hustle, or freelance, you are eligible for one of these credit cards. (Any type of business is qualified)

Key terms are simple,

Even if you just started with your business, you can still apply; they will check your personal credit, credit score, and credit history and approve you based on them.

Whether it is a personal credit card or a business credit card, they are serious stuff and worth considering twice before having one, and consider these facts as well,

  • Can I afford to pay off every dollar I charge?
  • Is this interest rate suits me?
  • And consider your financial shape as well.

How to apply for a Chase Ink Card?

Since they are thorough and strict with their key terms, policies, and procedures, ensure you are prepared to go through a lot of paper works and Q and A sessions.

To apply for the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card. 

To apply for the Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card.


This could be your last chance to grab this offer, so consider having a credit card or a business credit card wisely, and don’t miss out on the chance.

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