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How to save money fast? 5 easy-to-do Tips at Hand

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Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways how to save money fast. Some people say that even the word saving is out of their scope if they have children. Is that so? We will tell you five easy ways to save money fast even if you have children to look after!

“Yes, Child is a huge responsibility.”

You might have heard about this social norm in society.

Is that difficult to raise a child?

Well, before that, let me brag about our so-called human life cycle. First, we learned so hard when we were young to find a job with good pay. Then we start dating someone of our choice to share our life which would finally tie the knot.

How to save money fast? 5 easy-to-do Tips at Hand

Unlike in the past, sometimes the income from dual-earner couples might not be enough to consider the expenses for another one. So, most newly married couples might be wondering how to raise a child with fewer expenses. If that is the case, you have to be in the right spot at the right time if you are reading this article to get an idea about cost-saving childcare, Congrats! You are almost there. First and foremost, let me quickly run you through how to save money fast with five easy-to-do tips at hand in this article.

  1. Gift Tips
  2. Lights off Tip
  3. Save money on groceries
  4. Teach your kids about money and teach them how to have an income source
  5. Water off Tip

So here we go in detail!

1. Gift Tips 

We used to get a lot of gifts from our parents and relatives when we were small. Haven’t you ever got scolded for laying your toys all over the place? Trust me, I have plenty of similar incidents, and my mom had even thrown some of my toys, saying the bulk was too much because I used to keep even broken toys with me when I was a kid. Here comes the problem. Why should we give our kids more toys and still scold them for not keeping them in order? If we can give them a limited number of toys, isn’t it easy for them to arrange their toys in order? Stop spoiling your kid with a lot of gifted toys. Gift them only on two occasions per year. One for their birthday and the other for holidays. It is accessible in the pocket, and you are helping your child make his life trouble-free from unwanted scolding.

2. Lights off Tip

How many times have you got scolded for not turning off the lights when you were small? Let me share one of my personal experiences related to this. Once, when I was a kid, my sister and I went out keeping the lights on in our room. However, the lights were on for almost a day. Just imagine the punishment we got from our parents. We were made to stay in the dark for a day, making us realize how important light was. Back then, we thought our parents were harsh on us, but that life lesson still makes us turn off the lights when not in use. So, tell your kids to turn off the lights when not in use, or else you can do the same thing my parents did to us. Oh No, I’m just kidding. Those can be done in the good old days not anymore at present. Well, if someone is absent-minded in your place, all you can do is fix LED bulbs for the most lit-up spots. The other dangerous thing which can happen in a house where small kids live is fire breakouts. We can’t take a chance with fire, especially when small kids are there. So, here is a child-friendly fire extinguisher to your place called “Fire Gone.” It is cheaper, and you can fix it every nook and corner of your house. Well, this is something off the topic, but I think it might be necessary for you.

3. How to save money fast with groceries?

Well, you must be thinking I have gone bonkers asking you to take your kids along with you when you are shopping because it will double your bill if you take them with you. Hell no, you should teach them the gravity of living from childhood. Never buy whatever the stuff your kid is asking you to buy. To tell you, my niece is very stubborn. She cries out loud when we do not give her what she wants. You can use one tactic here to let your child understand the different pricing strategies of “Me too” products. You can ask them to read and see the ingredient composition and realize whether it is advisable to pay more for the same product. Of course, you can’t do this with a toddler, but you can always encourage your kids to buy cheap products because the core benefit is almost the same, even if you pay high or low. In here, I am not asking you to train your kid to be stingy. But, being logical and weighing the pros and cons before making any decision is always safe and suitable. So frugal living is simple and hassle-free.

4. Teach your kids about money and teach them how to have an income source

How to save money fast

I have seen most parents buy what their kids are asking them, sometimes sacrificing their needs. But we should not do that as parents. We should be able to make our kids get used to our lives by teaching our kids how to save money. There is no value for the things we get freely. But, if we have put effort into what we buy, we realize its worth. Teach your kids about the value of money. Every penny is hard-earned. Make your kids earn to buy what they want rather than just giving them from your pocket. Well, imagine your kid is asking for a new iPhone. If you straight away buy it for them, they might not see the worth of it. The best way is to find them a source of income to finance it. It could be a simple drop shipping or drop servicing business done over eBay or Alibaba. Encourage your kids to save money fast to buy what they dream of. Since there is no end to their wants, they will make more money to fulfill their needs. So search for “arbitrage opportunities” online. A billionaire might not pop up over one night. The habit of saving needs to be taught from childhood. And it is natural to see the worth of money in an empty pocket. Make your kids feel independent from a young age.

5. Water off the tip

You must be having huge plans on saving money fast. But have you ever thought every single drop of unused water costs you money? We are paying for water consumption. So if you can reduce the amount of water used at your place, your water bill can be saved. Well, you can follow simple tips involving your kids for this mission. It is pretty much straightforward. Here we go. use a shower rather than a tap for baths. Some people are in the habit of keeping the faucets open while brushing their teeth. Isn’t it a waste? You might not have to keep the tap wide open when doing the dishes. We as parents need to stay as a good example for our kids. You can’t ask your kids to save water if you waste it in front of their eyes.


So, keep following these five simple tips with your kids while making master plans to save money fast. Saving is not a big deal if we are on the right track. But, we need to preserve, protect and make more money wisely. Catch you with another fantastic article soon on how to save money. 

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