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How to market and promote your drop servicing business? Part 07

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With the ever-growing society, forms of making money are expanding. From tutoring to selling your course online and to even widely known methods such as drop servicing By now, you might have a brief understanding of what drop servicing is and how to see how to market drop servicing business & onboard profitable clients!

How to market and promote your drop servicing business

Now that you are set and ready to begin your drop servicing business, you need to know the tricks and methods to promote and boost your business. First, you got to make sure that the general population requires the service you are providing. If the service is not widely needed, you will not see any growth. Once you find your niche, the very next step is to get in touch with clients who require this service and is willing to pay you a reasonable amount for doing it. For this, you have to be clever with promoting your service. With your business website up and ready, let’s get into promoting your business.

So how do you promote your drop servicing business and find new clients?

The short and straightforward answer is social media. Social media is one of the brilliant ways to promote any business. Social media is being used widely among many people of all age categories. Therefore, using social media to promote your business will help you reach a wider group of people interested in the service that you are offering. There are a lot of social media platforms you can use to start promoting your service.

Common social media platforms you can use to promote your business

  1.  Facebook
  2.  Instagram
  3.  LinkedIn

If you are willing to invest some money at first, you can try google ads as well.

Promoting with Facebook

To promote your drop servicing business on Facebook, you need a few things. First, you got to have an account but not a personal profile. Second, you need a business account, which is easy to create. Next, you got to have a personal account to make a business page. Once you have done this, you can set up the name of your business and add a description explaining what you have to offer. Next is reaching out to the people. This step can be pretty tricky at first because you just started your business, and it has to gain traction by doing a few jobs. So how do you do this?

Finding potential clients

You need to go on Facebook and search the business category you are offering the service from. For example, let us say blog writing is the service that you are offering. You have found a freelance blog writer off www.fiverr.com, and you are ready to make your first buck. Now you search up blog writing and find like-minded blog writers and people who need their blog written for them.

Here you will post an advertisement of some sort, explaining the service you are providing at a reasonable rate you see fit. If you are unsure of the average amount it takes to write a blog, you can check with your freelance writer. Most writers will post the amount they charge per word. From here, you can calculate a reasonable price and add in the extra amount, which will be your service charge.

At first, you may not see much activity, but your business will start to thrive with time, confidence, and patience. Now that you have found multiple active groups, you can join them and find people who might be needing the service. Once you find people who have high activity in these groups, people who seem to be highly interested in these services, you add them as a friend.

Then you can invite them to like your business page to gain traction and start to get more business inquiries. Make sure not to overcharge for your service as this will be a red flag, and your business might not do well. At first, reaching out to people by posting your Ads in these groups will be ideal.

Promoting through Instagram

Instagram is another amazing social media platform that enables you to reach out to clients. But Instagram might seem restricted compared to Facebook as you cannot join public groups or create any. What you can do is make a business account and post your Ads. You might need a bit of an audience as it is hard to gain traction if you are solely dependent on Instagram as your primary source of promotion. So connecting your Facebook account with your Instagram will be a good idea. But in my opinion, Instagram will be a bad start to creating a drop servicing business but will be an excellent platform to promote a pre-existing one.

Promoting through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily famous among the people looking for a job opportunity, but this is also a great platform to promote your business. LinkedIn might even be one of the best platforms because many employers tend to use this to recruit people. So if an employer needs your service, there is a chance that you can provide your service and gain traction. First, you need to set up your account and define the service you are providing. Be sure to make it clear what service you have to offer. A good profile has the following characteristics and features:

  • A clear call to action for inbound leads.
  • Contact information in case they want to inquire about your services.
  • Credentials and experience to prove that you are capable of delivering services.

You may not be capable of submitting credentials and experience if you start your business, but with every successful deal, it won’t be long until you can show off your successful and legit work. Initially, you will need to post Ads to make sure your service is known by people using the platform. Next, search for groups that you think might include people that require your service. Here you can promote your business page but make sure you take a strategical approach when posting ads in groups rather than spamming and being pushy.

A successful business is not done overnight, so being patient is necessary. Now that you know a few social media platforms to promote your business, time to talk about advertisements. If you know about graphic designing, you can create personalized ads that appeal to the viewers. If you are willing to spend money from your pocket at first, you can hire a freelance graphic designer to create your ads for you. Ads are very crucial as it is a way to capture the viewers’ attention and promote your business. If your ads seem essential, then you won’t be able to grab the audience you want.

Google ads

Another standard method of promoting is google ads. There are two ways-

  1.  Ads on google webpages, which is usually an image ad
  2.  Video ads that appear on youtube

Image ads usually take less effort than video ads. If you know how to create your own ad, it will save you from spending money at first. Be creative and make sure the ad explains what type of service you are providing. Compared to image ads, video ads has more versatility and provides you with a broader horizon to present your business. 65% of the people tend to skip ads that pop up on youtube videos, so you have 5 seconds to capture a person’s attention. If you can’t think of a creative way to present your ad, you can always hire a team to do it for you at a cost.

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Image ads


  • Easier to create
  • If you hire a designer, it is cheaper than hiring a person to create a video ad.
  • Can express the purpose real quick


  • Limited creativity compared to a video
  • Hard to reach a target audience

Video ads


  • Wider creative space
  • can fit in more information about your service


  • Takes time and effort to make
  • must be creative to capture peoples attention
  • hiring a person to create can be expensive

Paying for advertising your service

Paying to promote your service is the best way to make sure your ads reach more people. Of course, you can not pay for ads and let your creative ads do the job. But paying to make sure it reaches more people is ideal when you start because it is usually a bit hard to make your ads reach a wider audience.

Writing a blog about your service 

As much as not many people read blogs, there are a large group of people who read blogs. So writing your blog by thoroughly explaining what you have to offer with every detail can help you promote your service. It might not be effective as posting ads on social media and creating video ads, but it will help you.

Making your own website

Making a website is like the first thing you do when you start drop servicing. But the website has to be user-friendly and must include every detail about your service. In addition, a website needs to be made in a way that it looks professional and can grab viewers’ attention. If you don’t know how to create your own website, you can hire a freelance website designer to make it for you. You can usually find these people on sites like- www.upwork.com www.fiverr.com www.toptal.com These are few sites you can find a freelance designer.

Using a YouTube channel to promote

YouTube is another platform that is famous for marketing businesses. YouTube takes a lot of effort because the videos need to be attractive so that they will appeal to people watching. But in my opinion, it will be hard to keep making content if your service is limited to one. So YouTube might not be ideal for you, but it is worth the shot.

By Manually contacting Businesses

If you select a service that businesses use like social media management, content writing, data entry, designing, etc., It will be easy to get your first client. However, it will take time to work and will need more research addition, youYou will need to make sure the businesses you contact have an excellent reputation, as a bad reputation can throw your business off easily. How this works is, you find a website or business that might require the service you provide. Then you contact them through email, this might take a few tries, but patience is essential when doing drop servicing.

Posting your service on Shopify

Shopify is a website that has over a million users who promote their businesses. Shopify is very famous for drop servicing, but you need to purchase a subscription to make your business public. Now that you have promoted your service successfully, time to learn how to keep clients coming back.

Customer retention

Customer retention is a collection of activities a business uses to increase repeat clients and increase each existing customer’s profitability.

How to market and promote your drop servicing business

So how do you make clients return?

  1. Improve the customer service your website/business provide
  2. Start a customer loyalty program
  3. Send engaging emails to customers, keep clients updated on new services
  4. Offer a discount or credit to returning clients
  5. Encourage customers to create an account

Once your service starts making profits, you can invest more money to make your websites more user-friendly and unique ads. Adding customer support, a live chat perhaps can really make the website more accessible. In addition, you can now hire a permanent team for improving your website, create your ads and manage your social media accounts. Creating customer loyal programs is one of the best customer retention strategies.

For example, make a program to give customers specific points when making purchases and provide time-limited discount codes. This will make customers return to use these discounts. Sending emails about new deals and discounts is a must because if you do not engage with your customers, you will lose old customers, and your business will fail. Customers are the backbone of a company, So if you do not interact with customers, you are prone to losing them. By using the methods mentioned above, you can make your business grow and retain customers. This will lead to a successful business where you, the service provider, and the client is happy.      

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