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Get 75,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points and earn up to $200 cash back at U.S. Restaurants

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Are you one of the people waiting to earn Marriott Bonvoy bonus points & earn cash backs at U.S. Restaurants? And still you don’t know the exact way to make it? Or are you one of the people who doesn’t have any idea about Marriott Bonvoy bonuses? If you fall under one of these categories, you have come to the right spot. So if you are unaware of this, you might think what this Marriott Bonvoy is? Well, I will start my article by explaining what it is.

The Marriott Bonvoy program is one of the world’s most extensive hotel loyalty programs. It has 30 brands and price points ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious getaways all over the world. It lets frequent customers collect points based on the amount of money they spend. They can utilize those points for free stays and other benefits. There are a variety of methods to earn these Marriott Bonvoy bonuses. Let’s see them one by one.

How to earn Marriott Bonvoy bonuses?

#1 Earn by staying at Marriott hotels

Staying at hotels in the Marriott group is the most typical way to earn Marriott points. You’ll earn points based on how much you spend during your stay. It includes your hotel cost, meal and beverage orders, spa services, and more. Most Marriott hotels offer a base earn rate of 10 points per dollar spent. However, few Marriott brands like Residence Inn, Towneplace Suites, or Element hotel offer lower earning rates. Apart from that, members with Bonvoy elite status get extra points on top of the base rate as follows,

  • Silver members making 10% more
  • Gold members earning 25% more
  • Platinum members earning 50% more
  • Titanium and ambassador members earning 75% more.

#2 Earn by using a Marriott credit card

Marriott has four credit cards available from Chase and American Express, allowing cardholders to earn more Marriott points. You’ll earn Marriott points for every dollar you spend on your credit card. Not only that, you’ll also be eligible for a big welcome bonus. The points you receive from credit card purchases are in addition to the points you get from Marriott Bonvoy stays. Each card also comes with an attractive welcome bonus. You can receive it if you spend a particular amount of money on it. But make sure to use it during the first three months of receiving it. These welcome incentives are one of the most acceptable ways to rack up a lot of Marriott points in a short amount of time. Let’s see what are the Marriott cards later on in this article.

Get 75,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points and up to $200 cash back at U.S. Restaurants 1

#3 Earn by buying Marriott points

We can buy Marriott Bonvoy points in 1,000-point increments for $12.50. But, unless you have a specific redemption in mind, purchasing points is generally never a wise idea.

#4 Earn by transferring credit card points

You can now exchange your points for Marriott points because Marriott is a transfer partner for Chase Ultimate Rewards as well as for American Express Membership Rewards. So now, you can simply log into your Ultimate Rewards account and enter your Marriott Bonvoy member details to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Marriott Bonvoy. They usually transfer it within the next working day. Of course, this is not the most effective use of otherwise precious credit card points in most cases, but if you have an exceptionally high Bonvoy redemption in mind, it may be worthwhile.

#5 Earn by rewarding a Friend

When friends you suggest to the Marriott Bonvoy program complete stays, you can earn up to 50,000 Marriott points with the Marriott Reward a Friend program. Every time one of your clients completes a stay, you’ll receive 2,000 points, up to five stays per recommendation. Each calendar year, you can refer up to five new members, so choose pals who will genuinely stay with Marriott. As an additional incentive, tell them that they’ll get 2,000 bonus points after their first five stays if they join through your recommendation.

#6 Earn by using airline transfer partners

More than 40 airline partners accept Marriott Bonvoy points, which can exchange for airline frequent flyer miles at a rate of 3 Marriott Bonvoy program points for one airline frequent flyer mile. In addition, Marriott Bonvoy will add a 5,000-mile bonus for every 60,000 points transfer to a frequent flyer account, giving members a total of 25,000 miles in their selected airline program.

#7 Earn by renting a car with Hertz

Simply by putting your Marriott Bonvoy number on your Hertz rental vehicle reservation, you’ll earn 500 Marriott points for every rental. So if you rent cars frequently, combining your Marriott loyalty with Hertz can pay off in much more ways than just one. In addition to receiving Marriott points on your car rentals, achieving Titanium Elite or Ambassador Elite status with Marriott Bonvoy will earn you complimentary elite status with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

#8 Earn via Marriott eat around town

Whenever you sign up for an Eat Around Town account and pay with a connected credit or debit card, you can earn extra Marriott points at selected restaurants, bars, and clubs. Based on your Marriott Bonvoy membership status, you’ll earn 4 to 6 points for every dollar spent at all of the 11,000+ locations listed on the platform.

#9 Earn via Marriott Bonvoy events

Suppose you ever need to plan an event or organize a meeting. In that case, you may earn up to 60,000 Marriott points by hosting events at a participating Marriott property through Marriott Bonvoy Events – or even more if you have Marriott Bonvoy elite status. At every qualifying event, you’ll receive 2 points per $1 spent on accommodation, food, beverage, and audio/visual expenditures, up to 60,000 points, with a points bonus ranging from 10% to 75% for elite Marriott Bonvoy members.

#10 Earn via Marriott green choice

The Marriott Make a Green Choice program enables customers who stay at a Marriott hotel for at least two nights to forego housekeeping for up to two days in return for a small amount of Marriott points. While this touches on a sustainability project, it should notify that labor groups and housekeepers have criticized it for encouraging fewer hours and job loss.

#11 Earn by purchasing gift cards

Buy Marriott Bonvoy gift cards using your Marriott Bonvoy credit card and get six points for each dollar spent at selected Marriott hotels. Marriott Bonvoy gift cards are ideal for weddings, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and graduates who are planning to travel.

#12 Earn via welcome gift points

You’ll have the option of receiving welcome bonus points when you check into a Marriott collection hotel. Gold Elite members and higher can choose between 500 and 1,000 Marriott Bonvoy points in place of breakfast or a welcome gift. But it depends on the resort.

#13 Earn while roaming

For mobile roaming services in over 25 countries around the world, Marriott Bonvoy has partnered with TravellingConnect. It’s free to sign up, and Marriott Bonvoy members get two points for every dollar spent on services.

#14 Earn by booking Marriott vacation packages

In addition to the points gained on the purchase price, Vacations Marriott offers regular discounts that award bonus Marriott Bonvoy points for buying vacation packages. One recent campaign, for example, provided 10,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for booking a 4-night or more extended stay at a Westin hotel. You can find the latest bonus point deals on the Vacations by Marriott website. So if you guys are interested, go check it out today itself.

#15 Earn by linking your Marriott Bonvoy and Uber rewards accounts

When you connect your Marriott Bonvoy account with your Uber account, you may triple-dip and receive Marriott Bonvoy points in addition to whatever earnings you’d get from your credit card plus whatever Uber Points you’d earn. So I told you 15 secrets to earn Marriott Bonvoy bonus points. I hope it sounds interesting to you. You can try to earn Marriott Bonus points by following one of these secrets. Start to do it today itself as it will help to earn more points when you start early. Bonus Read – 2015 Year in Review – Points and Miles Spent

Get 75,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points and up to $200 cash back at U.S. Restaurants 1


Marriott credit cards

And now, I’ll tell you about the Marriott credit cards so you can apply for a credit card if you are interested. There are actually four credit cards that they offer. All four of these cards offer to provide fantastic value, so picking which one to choose is likely to come down to which card is best for you. So let’s take a closer look at each card.

#1 Marriott Brilliant credit card

The Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant is a card for customers who stay at Marriott hotels often. It comes with a bevy of elite benefits and a hefty $450 annual premium (see rates and fees).

  • One of the nicest advantages of the card is the annual bill credit of up to $300 for Marriott transactions.
  • You can use all of your credits each year, you’ll only be paying a net annual charge of $150.
  • On qualified purchases at selected Marriott Bonvoy hotels, the card earns 6 points per dollar, 3 points per dollar at U.S. restaurants, and on tickets booked straight with airlines and 2 points per dollar on all other expenditures.

You might just be curious how much 150,000 Marriott points are worth when it comes to the welcome bonus. According to the frequent flyer website, Marriott points are worth 0.8 cents each, making this incentive worth a whopping $1,200, with the Free Night Award on top of that. You’ll also get another Free Night Award at the beginning of your second year with the card (and every year after that), which you can use at any Marriott hotel for one night for 50,000 points or less. This means you can use it at any Marriott property in categories 1 through 5, as well as off-peak and standard repayments at category six hotels and off-peak repayments at category seven hotels. So if you want to know more details about it, please refer to their website because I know it sounds so cool, right.

#2 Marriott Business credit card

The Marriott Bonvoy Business American Express card could be a good choice if you’re a small-business traveler who wishes to be on the travel more in 2022. Do you know some exciting facts regarding this card. Here we will brief you.

  • The 125,000 bonus points on the Marriott Business Amex are worth $1,000, but you also get two Free Night Awards redeemable at any Marriott with a redemption rate of up to 50,000 points. So, if you can get the most points and free nights out of this offer, you can get a whopping $1,800 in value.
  • The Marriott Business Amex, you’ll earn 6 points per dollar spent at participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels, 4 points for each and every dollar spent at U.S. restaurants, 4 points for every dollar spent at U.S. petrol stations, 4 points for each and every dollar spent on cordless telecommunications services bought directly from U.S. service providers, and 2 points per each dollar spent on all other purchases, and 2 points for every dollar spent on all the other purchases.
  • Same as the Marriott Brilliant card, you’ll start receiving a complimentary award night each year, starting with your second card member year. But you can use the free nights at Marriott properties with a redeemable level of up to 35,000 points with the business card.

#3 Marriott Boundless credit card

The Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card’s sign-up bonus is almost as great as the business card if you’re searching for a personal credit card with a lower annual fee.

  • The 125,000 bonus points are worth $1,000, and the Free Night Award can be redeemed at any Marriott hotel with a redeemable level of 50,000 points or less, giving you a lot of flexibility.
  • Furthermore, to the sign-up bonus, Marriott Boundless cardholders receive a slew of other perks, making this an excellent card to keep season after season if you plan to stay at Marriott hotels on a regular basis once travel resumes. For example, you will receive complimentary Marriott Silver elite status for as long as you own the Marriott Boundless card.
  • Silver status entitles you too late checkout and a 10% reward on Marriott’s total points during your stay.
  • Would receive a free award certificate. You’ll get a certificate that can be used at any Marriott hotel for one night for 35,000 points or less, beginning with your first annual account renewal and the year after that.

#4 Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card

If you really want to receive Marriott points but don’t want to pay an annual fee for a credit card. Then the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card is a good option.

  • Although you’ll only get 60,000 extra points after spending $2,000 on items purchased in the first three months.
  • There’s no annual fee on the card, and those 60,000 points are still worth $480 toward your next hotel stay.
  • Some card features remain the same, such as complimentary Silver elite status, baggage delay insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, travel delay repayment, and purchase protection.
  • Still, you will not receive the highly valued 35,000-point complimentary night certificate after your first year.

So I gave you some details about the Marriott credit cards. If you want to get more details, you can go to their website and search.

Is it possible to apply for multiple Marriott card offers?

This is actually a common question. Almost everyone thinks about this. If this many Marriott card offers to catch your interest. Yes, you can have multiple open Marriott cards – some TPG employees have two or three. It may make sense to stack the 15 elite nights granted by both a personal and small business Marriott card to take advantage of the anniversary award nights.

There are a lot of limits on who can earn the sign-up benefits across the four Marriott cards. Specifically when you’re working with two different issuers with Amex and Chase. And now you might be thinking about whether this card is an excellent choice to make or not. Do you know that? There’s a Marriott hotel for everybody. However, a Marriott credit card is obviously not a good fit if you don’t stay at Marriott hotels very often. However, suppose you plan to stay at a Marriott even just a few times in 2021 or 2022.

In that case, any one of these four Marriott credit cards is worthwhile to consider only for the initial freebies. Then after you can keep it for the ongoing benefits, notably the annual complimentary award certificates. As it is free to join the Marriott Bonvoy program, you just have to enter your email address. There are nearly 7,000 Marriott Bonvoy hotels that are part of the program. So it is a good opportunity if you sign up. Then you will be able to get many offers throughout the year. And also, keep in mind that after 24 months of inactivity, Marriott points expire. However, because activity encompasses both earning and spending points, you can change the expiry date in either direction.

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