Free Credit Card Consulting

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If you are new or simply stumped on what credit cards to apply for, feel free to ask me!  I’ve given advice to dozens of people looking to go on their dream trip or honeymoon by providing advice on which credit cards to sign up for specifically.  I’ve researched extensively on which credit cards are the best for your ideal destinations.  This free credit card consulting only provides my personal advice.  If you need me to book your award tickets, consider my award booking service.

Fill out the form below and I’ll do my best to answer you within 24 hours!  If you don’t like filling out forms, just email me directly at with your questions!



    Disclaimer: You are responsible for your credit card bills.  I always recommend paying in full and on time.  I have 20+ credit cards active and have always paid on time and in full and my credit score is 791 last time I checked Please only apply for as many credit cards as you are comfortable with.