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Flight Tickets on Installments – A Dream Come True!

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Although most expecting to fly overseas will be able to pay in total for their all-rounded trips, there will always be a particular set of people that will struggle through this burden.

If this is you, what can you do?

Are the airlines offering any solution for people to travel at a reasonable rate? Here the topic, purchasing flight tickets, come into play. Most airlines offer this as a “fly now, pay later” payment option. Buying a flight ticket for either solo travels or with family can be pretty expensive. So you can book an airline ticket and pay it in either monthly or weekly installments. One airline that gives this as an option is Alternative Airlines.

flight tickets on installments

Is Buying Flight Tickets on Finance Possible?

Flight ticket financing or flight tickets on installments is now possible thanks to Alternative Airlines. This online flight search guidance company allows clients worldwide to pay for their tickets in installments for over 600 airlines! You can check more about the prices and get more information regarding the prices on The three payment options that you can adhere to when you choose the installments option. They are:

  • Buy now pay later
  • Pay in 4 installments
  • Pay over time

Is this a Trustworthy Choice?

Alternative Airlines has over 65,000 satisfied customers and has received a 4.5-star rating based on 3581 service ratings in the last year. Hence this implies that this agency is customer friendly and promotes secure payments. Always make sure to check customer ratings before making up your mind.

Choosing What Suits You

Here are some plans that you might interest in:

  • Afterpay
  • Zip
  • Sezzle
  • Paypal credit
  • Klarna

How do These Plans work?

Affirm It is a US-based credit organization that permits U.S. clients to purchase flights and spread expenses over the long haul.
Afterpay Strictly for U.S. residents with no added fees and flexibility of paying the cost in four fortnights.
Zip It is only available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. Zip offers to divide the amount into four equal installments. So you can pay flight ticket installments over six weeks, with no interest.
Sezzle Being available for U.S. residents, this plan requires you to pay 25% initially and the rest by six weeks with no interest rates.
Paypal Credit Allows you to spread the cost in USD or GBP.
Klarna Provides you with the chance of paying the cost in 14, 30, or 60 days and three equal monthly payments.


What are the credit scores required to approve the confirmation?

Affirm implies that a credit score of 640 or above makes you “more likely to obtain the approval” for their loan. However, there have been user claims of approvals with scores as low as 600. Ensuring your revolving balances are modest and that you have no more than six inquiries can assist in this situation. Possessing a good credit score will be helpful in the application process.

Who are Eligible to Apply for Installment Payments?

Qualified clients are determined by their credit history and where they live. A soft credit check is carried out depending on the method of payment chosen at the checkout. This is to confirm whether you can pay back the due charges before the given deadline. Having a bad credit history might need reconsideration.

Is it a Flexible Flight Payment Plan for Me?

 Being eligible for the installment plan is not enough. You should make sure to check if this suits you. Most programs allow you to buy the ticket with a loan and payback in monthly installments or re-pay every two weeks to 6 weeks. And this process requires an application that is primarily quick and easy to access.

Get Guided

flight tickets on installments

If a credit check is an issue for you, you can go onto and purchase a ticket with no credit check at all. It follows the same “buy now, pay later” method without the credit check part. In addition, many agencies will accompany you in booking tickets and will allow you to pay in installments. So whether it’s for an emergency, business, or maybe a vacation, these agencies will have you covered. Another site you can find this option is will help you find cheap tickets, and if these prices still seem to be expensive to you, you can opt-in for the pay-in installments option and reserve a flight ticket without paying.

Understanding the Process.

 Let’s say the ticket price was $500, and you decided to pay it in installments. So you’ll be paying only about less than $100 initially and will pay this amount for the next consecutive weeks until you have fully paid it off. So, if you needed money for an emergency the first week, you will, hypothetically, have $400 to spare. To elaborate on what I have mentioned:

  • A business class ticket from Chicago to Dublin would cost you $2219.
  • A business class ticket from NYC to London would cost you. $2324.

So if these prices are overpriced for you, you can always go for a pay-in installment plan.

Advantages Disadvantages
You may select from over 650 airlines, so you are not restricted in your airline ticket possibilities! If you were to miss a week, a late fee would be charged from you, and you will end up above the amount needed.
Having the luxury of spreading the cost flexibly.  
Stress-free and secure bookings.  


Was It Always Like This?

The airline deregulation act of 1978 considered airplanes as a public transport form. Ever since the prices have been affordable, the airlines have introduced various payment methods to make it convenient for the public.

Is This a Widely Used Method?

As unbelievable as it might seem, flight tickets on installments have become increasingly popular nowadays, especially because of how flexible and stress-free it is to people with lower economic incomes. This process is like the silver lining of a cloud, bringing hope to many people today.

Not sure whether you want to purchase tickets to be paid in installments?

You still may not have been convinced whether this is a good choice. You can visit and check the air travel forum for what other customers say about this.

Can you still choose this payment method if you don’t own a credit card?

 This depends on the agency or airline you choose. Most airlines allow payment through debit cards. So if you don’t own a credit card, it will not be an issue. If you can prove that you have enough money to pay back in time, the form of payment will not be complicated.

Are there more forms of payments available?

For people who are not comfortable using a credit card, there is a method called the EFT, which stands for Electronic Fund transfer. OZOW is a website that allows you to make instant EFTs. You can sign up for this at  get more details on how to create and register for this.

What will happen if you purchase a ticket while having a bad credit score?

A website called Uplift helps its customers to purchase items, or in this case, flight tickets, and pay over in bite-sized installments. The good thing about Uplift is, customers with a bad credit score are eligible to use it. So until you can fix your bad credit score by paying off debt and maintaining your credit utilization ratio below 30%, you can count on Uplift to help you make purchases to be paid in installments.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Uplift


  • Travel while making payments
  • Low starting APR of 0%
  • Borrowers with bad credit eligible
  • 30-day grace period and no late fees


  • High maximum APR of 36%
  • A limited selection of travel partners
  • Interest accrues immediately
  • Down payment required

What type of tickets can be paid for in this manner?

From business class to first class to economy, you can make this type of payment. It is not restricted to only one variety. Even if you want to purchase tickets for your family but want to pay them in installments, you can do so.

What are layaway flights?

Layaway flights are airfares that can be paid off in either bi-weekly installments or monthly. These type of flights allows you to make purchase tickets that can be paid in installments. If you choose to Affirm as a plan, then payments can be paid back in 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly installments and at 0% APR. Depending on the payment plan you chose, the installment plan will change and the amount that needs to be paid each time.

How can you apply to layaway flights?

 Just as you go through the normal process of booking a flight, and when you reach the checkout section, you have the flexibility of paying back in installments by choosing the payment plans the way mentioned above. i.e- Affirm

Can I use installments on international and domestic flights via credit?

flight tickets on installments

  Luckily Alternative Airlines offers credit for both international and local trips. The flight search service takes loans for paying off airline tickets in installments, and it offers a variety of trip payment options. Ensure that you have understood the terms of each flight plan that suits your need. You can still use PayPal Credit if you are not based in the U.K. or the U.S. but paying to want to purchase in U.S. Dollars or GBP.

Is the initial down payment refundable?

Yes, in alternative airlines, if you decide to cancel the booking or not travel, you can refund the booking. If you choose to change the payment plan midway, you can still do so. The customer has the complete luxury to change payment plans or even the destination even if you already have made a down payment.

Worried that transactions for these payments are not secure?

As mentioned, the payments are 100% secure in alternative airlines, and you do not have to worry about being scammed. This company has been offering this service for a while now. Many customers have used this website to book flight tickets, and almost all of them have given positive feedback on the service.

Are the flight ticket payment plans only available within the USA or U.K.?

No, if you plan on traveling to a European country or any country outside the U.S. but still want to pay for the ticket in installments, you can do so. This service is available globally, so you shouldn’t worry.

What other websites or agencies offer this payment plan?

More agencies allow customers to purchase tickets to be paid in installments.

Can you reserve a ticket without making an initial payment?

Yes, you can reserve a ticket without making an initial payment, and it is refundable as well. Bonus Read How can I buy flight tickets on Installment Plans?

Can you purchase red-eye flights with payment plans?

Yes, even a red-eye flight can be purchased to be paid in installments. A red-eye flight departs at night and arrives at the destination the following day. This flight is usually cross-country flights, but regardless of this, airlines offer payment plans for these flights. These flights are generally less cheap because they a low in demand due it’s obscure travel times. But a downside to purchasing a red-eye flight ticket is that it does not exist for every destination, so it is pretty limited. However, booking this type of flight during off-peak hours is much cheaper.

Will the airline guide you through the process?

If you have difficulty during the booking process, the airline has separated a customer service team to guide you through the process. Your money is guaranteed to be kept safe, and if you have a change in mind, the customer service teams will support you.

If you purchase a ticket and could not travel, what will happen?

You will have to notify the airline if you have a change in plans. Alternative airlines offer an excellent service, which is if you have a medical emergency and could not travel, your money will be refunded. Even if your flight is canceled as a result of any mechanical problems, you will be refunded. This is the best thing about this airline service. You are guaranteed safety in every aspect. So, in conclusion, this method is safe and stress-free. Being scammed is less likely since it is widely used. So, With enough credit score and a bit of research into the agency you’re going through, you can have a smooth journey. Paying for flight tickets to be paid in installments is becoming more common. If you are looking to cut down on expenses,  this is a fantastic option for you.

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