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First United Bank wins the Best of Community Bank Award

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First United Bank

First United Bank in Lubbock was recently awarded as Best Of Community Bank by Independent Bankers Association Texas, the most extensive banking association in the nation.

The First United Bank is a community bank headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma. The Bank started in 1900 as the Durant National Bank. The Bank began just seven years before Oklahoma was named as a state. From the very beginning, Bank showed rapid growth in the area. When it was just 15 years old, the Bank absorbed eight banks and kept growing.

The Durant National Bank became Durant Bank and Trust in 1963. It was the first Bank in Oklahoma to have full trust powers. Again the Bank was renamed First United Bank in 1998.

Thee First United Bank is currently the eighth largest Bank in Oklahoma, having almost an 8Bn asset base. Fist united Bank provides personal and commercial banking, investment management, insurance, and mortgage products.  Currently, the Bank is spread over 80 locations in Oklahoma, including convenient ATMs.

The Best Community Banking Award

We are now passing a great suffering time due to the pandemic situation. Hopefully, the pandemic conditions will be over soon. But the wounds will remain for a few more years. The obstacles faced by the Lubbock community are the same all over the country. But there are few inspiring stories of great perseverance, creativity, and true West Texas girt heard from small business owners. The First United Bank made these stories get attention by initiating The Spirit of West Texas. Through this initiation, First United Bank raised the levels of bravery, courage, creativity, dedication, and true West Texas Spirit over the country and worldwide. 

The Spirit of West Texas

The Spirit of West Texas is a podcast series that contains stories of a wide range of industry owners, professionals, students, teachers, and many more. These inspiring stories are full of courage and helpful tips to overcome difficult times.

The podcasts show the get-the-job-done spirit of West Texas. As Joanna Tejeda, the Bright Minds Academy owner, you have to focus on the assigned task, and hard work will always make it happen. Joanna speaks about the difficulties faced in the first year of the business. She pushes forward to improve the company as a loving mother of three children. 

So, we would like to invite you to listen to Joanna’s podcast and make honest l; look at her own words, “make it work.”

Dr. Alan Keister is another podcast holder of First United Bank’s Spirit of West Texas. He was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. 

We all know the uninsured ones are also have to be taken care of. Mainly, they are the first victims of such a pandemic situation. However, Alan’s good work among these uninsured people and his organization “Heal the City” led them to provide quality healthcare facilities with dignity and respect.

Keister shares his experience in social work, especially along with the pandemic condition, and provides tips to overcome the difficult time.

So, when hearing these stories, the true spirit of West Texas can feel to us. You may experience the provided link and see how people struggle to overcome the difficult time and h to others. 

Indeed, you may have heard this kind of inspiring story. Or maybe you have to share the same type of stories with people. FSA’s first united Bank can realize this gap. And became the voice of people who want to help their community. 

How came First Union Bank Awarded as Best of Community Bank Ward

First Union Bank’s concept was recognized by the Independent Bankers Association Texas. The creative way that First Union Bank approach the problem is unique. The Bank realized these stories are worth telling and worth hearing. 

So, the online platform containing the podcasts was launch and got immediate attention from the country’s neighborhood and rest. The Best of Community Bank Award is designed to admire the commitment towards their customers, neighbors, employees, and community. 

Indeed, First United bank has well deserved this award. This will encourage them to serve more to the community in a better way.

Independent Bankers Association Texas

Independent Bankers Association Texas was founded in 1974. IBAT is the largest state community banking organization in the U.S. IBAT has more than 2,000 banks and branches in 700 texas communities. IBAT’s prime goal is to ensure the providing of safe and responsible financial service to the Texans. The combined asset base of the membership is approximately 256 billion. 

IBAT has been admiring its member banks with awarding the Best of Community Bank award since 1991. Community banks play a critical role in their community’s economy and financial status with individuals and small business owners. BOB award recognizes the Bank’s contribution to the community, the Bank’s creativity, innovations, and successfully fulfillment o 


We all need some help to overcome our financial, social, and community problems and mental pressure in these difficult times. So these kids of initiatives provide the community the courage and spirit to get the job do no matter how difficult this is. So we welcome all of you to visit and share the Ture Spirit of West Texas shared by First United Bank, Texas. 

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