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Easiest Way for 25% off Amazon Purchases AMEX Offer

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American Express currently is offering $15 off a $60 Amazon purchase after you load this offer to your AMEX credit card.  You can find this offer under AMEX Offers under your credit card home page.  The easy way to maximize this offer is to load your account $60 at a time.  That would be the easiest way for 25% off Amazon purchases for a good amount of time if you have many AMEX cards.

I currently have 4 AMEX credit cards, but I’m also an authorized user from my wife’s AMEX credit cards and I also added my wife and another family member as an authorized user.  In total, I have 14 AMEX credit cards between my account, my wife’s account, and authorized users.  Therefore, I can participate in this offer 14 times by using the multiple AMEX offer load trick I explained before.  After loading the offer to each AMEX card, all you have to do is log into your Amazon account and find the reload your balance link under your account.

Reload your balance $60 at a time.

Reload your balance $60 at a time.

After you manually input $60, just checkout and make sure you keep track of which AMEX credit card you’re using.  I always like to check my email to see if my purchase got recorded.  Once you get the magic email, you will get the credit in 2-3 days (but could take up to 60 days) as I’ve never NOT gotten the credit after receiving the email.

Successful Amazon Offer Email

Successful Amazon Offer Email

All I have to do now is repeat this method 14 times to load my Amazon account to receive 25% off all Amazon purchases.  It may sound crazy to load $840 to my Amazon account, but getting 25% off ANYTHING on Amazon for a good period of time is well worth the effort.

Have you loaded your Amazon account using this AMEX Offer?

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