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Drop Servicing Blue Print All in One – Part 02

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Previous Part – Drop Servicing websites & how to do it! Part 01

Are you tired of searching several articles on different websites on the perfect Drop Servicing BluePrint? Then, allow me to share a personal story with you. When I was writing this article, I spent days and days finding information on this single topic. So, I thought of making your life easy by digging deep into the Drop Servicing Blueprint in this article.

So stop wasting your time reading articles then and there on drop servicing blueprint. Instead, here is the answered list of questions you want to know about the drop servicing blueprint in one stop.

Drop Servicing Blueprint

So, let’s take a look and see. For those new to the concept of drop servicing, it is the same as drop shipping. It’s an online business model where you act as the middleman between people who want to buy the service and people who want to offer it.

At a glance, this looks so damn simple. Isn’t it? But, nothing seems simple unless you know about how it works into the nitty-gritty.

SO, if you are looking for a perfect guide on drop servicing blueprint, you are on the right spot. Everything you need to know about the drop servicing blueprint is here in one stop. No time wasted any more. All you have to do is to take notes of it while sipping a nice cup of coffee.

Are you someone who is looking for an article with all the technical jargon? I’m afraid this article is for someone who needs to run a drop servicing business and make a six-figure income with less effort. Are you ready for it? Here we go.

1. Getting the fundamentals right in the first go

Firstly, we need to have a solid foundation. Otherwise, all our efforts will be a waste because you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. So buckle up guys, let’s see what you got to do in laying the initial steps of your drop servicing business.

  • How to choose your Service and Niche to be catered?

There are so many drop-servicing ideas out there. So how are you going to pick the best one for you? First, one must be skeptical about their skills. Sometimes he must be wondering whether that service would bring him a sufficient amount of profits.

Look here, at the first go; you can’t. Let me repeat; you can’t pick the most profitable service you could render to your clients. All you can do is to know your skills and rely on them. Because making a profit or a loss solely depends on what you are good at. You don’t need to be an expert. But always think like this.

If you were your client, what sort of service would you like to get from your business. Keep this is in mind. Always treat yourself as your client when choosing the service. Of course, you need to understand the service you offer because then only you can see it in and out and assess the quality of the service. For more information, check Google Trends – This will help you see the current trends of what people are looking for; in terms of service from a drop servicing business.

  • How to make a unique offer with perfect solutions?

Running a drop servicing business seems super easy and cost-effective. So what’s the matter, then? If everyone is thinking the same. Then probably, there is an issue. There comes the competition.

If something is less fussy, everyone wants to be a part of it without any ado. That’s the beauty of it. So for drop servicing as well, the competition is above the roof. What can you do to stand tall in the competition? Here are some tips for it. Closing your first few sales with competitive prices; doesn’t mean you are charging lower than your competitors because your clients might be skeptical about your service quality.

  • Competitive pricing? How can it be?

Well, first, do thorough research about your chosen service’s top five drop servicing websites and see how they have priced their services. Then you can get an idea about how it goes and decide for yours. Stop worrying about the lion’s share initially. Keep it low until you get few clients on board because you can gradually make it high if you do it right.

You have to be different than everyone else because everyone else is not like you. Indeed, there could be service providers with me-too offers. Clients won’t get the service from all the service providers equally.

If so, there won’t be ones with a higher client base and ones with no clients at all. This is why you want to be different from the rest. Focus, Focus, Focus on your service first, making money a byproduct. Because, if the service quality is high and unique, who the hell can stop the clients from coming to you? Trust me, man, we all want to find solutions to our problems through a service or a product.

So if the problem can be perfectly sorted from what you deliver, you can be a star.

2. Establishing social media and website presence

Secondly, you should focus on your online presence because Drop Servicing is an online business. Hence, it needs to have some online presence. You might not like to have your website thinking that it seems costly, and you want to do a trial and error to see how it works for you without investing any money initially. Let me share some top secrets with you in this regard.

Wherever you have your business presence, you should tell about your clients’ services. May it be on your website or any other social media platform. Of course, anyone can say anything, but your clients should see a clear difference in why they should select you over your competitors.

For that, you should differentiate how you stand against them. It could be your free tailor-made pilot sample that is designed before the order to solve your client’s problem or your one-day service delivery facility with 24/7 working hours. It’s up to you to decide on your differentiating strategy.

  • How to convert strangers to happy customers?

Whoever first gets your service will doubt the quality of your service unless they know about you beforehand. So, it’s your talent to make that stranger happy through the transformation.

OMG. I have no idea how to accomplish that. Don’t worry, my champ, here we go. These are some of the tips which you could follow.

  1. On-time Delivery– Try your best to deliver quality service before the deadline if you can. Anyways, this might depend on your service provider’s ability as well. Because if he couldn’t render the service as promised on time, you won’t be able to meet the client’s deadline. So to be on the safe side, better to add a day or two when offering the service to the client or ask for the work from the service provider before a day or two by clearly giving him instructions and timelines in advance.
  2. Shorten the lead time – Time is a critical factor. Sometimes shorter lead time might help you to make your clients happy. Yet, you have to be careful about the quality of the work as well. Because no matter how fast you deliver, if it is full of errors.
  3. Discounts or Coupons for subsequent purchases – You can offer discounts for your clients for their next purchases, and if they are satisfied with your work, they will come to you and be happy to receive the discount. Not only that, they will spread the good word as well.

3. Getting the right clients on board

Thirdly, you should have a solid client base. Your company’s most valuable asset is its customers. Because, unlike other companies, you are not dealing with any other tangible or current intangible assets or non-current assets.

Drop Servicing Blueprin
    • If you have a set of clients who are willing to pay you premium prices for the service you offer, then you are well off. Are there any people who are willing to pay me the price I’m asking for? If so, how can I trace them? If I were you, these are some of the questions that would quickly run on my mind. Let’s see how it goes.

          • How to get clients through organic reach?

          Initially, all you can do is sign up on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. At the same time, you can shout out in your LinkedIn account as well. But better to maintain a separate business account for this purpose to be professional.

          BTW, have you ever thought you could reach your clients through emails? Yes, you can go for an email outreach as well. For this, you can use to get the email addresses of your niche. The nice part of this is that you don’t need to spend money on any of these methods. 

              • How to get clients through paid marketing methods?

          Sometimes, organic reach might not be sufficient for you to go for your targets. If so, the following are some methods you could use to get your clients on board. But if you are a penny pincher, this is not your game because you have got to spend some money on it. 

              1. Google AdWords
              2. Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) 

          4. Managing virtual teams in space

          You hardly get to see your workforce face to face. Everything in Drop Servicing happens online. Anyone can work from any place or any part of the world. There is no physical barrier.

          Well, you must be thinking how easy that would be to manage your workforce remotely. Yes, it will be easiest if you do it right; otherwise, they might rip you off. Your service providers are the building blocks of your business. So, it would help if you went for the right candidate. Let’s see how you can select the right fit and manage them accordingly. 

              • How to hire the right service providers?

          The quality of the service should be number one. To provide a number one quality service, shouldn’t the service provider be on par with that? They should be. Sometimes, you can find freelancers who you know through your social networks. So here, before giving them the work, you can get a rough idea about the quality of the work rendered if you have seen their performance or any close contact.

          But, imagine if you get to hire someone new to you. How would you know that he is the ideal person to outsource your work? Here comes the challenge. You could ask them to share some of the work they have done previously to see the quality standards. And there is no harm in asking them to share their CV with you to see their background. There is no point in having thousands of service providers with you unless they render quality service. After all, that will drastically damage your business image if something goes wrong.  

              • How to manage virtual teams?

          You should give your service providers precise details about the job assigned to them with predetermined deadlines. This clarity should be maintained across entire team members continually.

          My advice is to work closely with them until you figure that they are on the right track. Because ultimately, you have to face the client.

          So make sure you are confident enough to meet your client with what they require. As another best practice, you can evaluate your service providers’ performance at least once in three months to see their progress or any deviations. This will ultimately ensure the quality of your service.

          5. Automating the business

          Well, you don’t have to automate your drop servicing business if you have a hand full of clients. Because you can handle it yourself, but when you are scaling up your business, you might find it challenging to handle everything on your own. Mainly, it is highly skeptical that your clients would be happy with what you offer them in the first round.

          Just imagine how you manage everything yourself with your new orders and these changes of your existing clients. To stay away from these complications, we can automate specific business processes of your business. 

              • How to automate business systems?

          This will be your friend, guys, as it saves a few hours for you to focus on some other more critical activity. First, break down your business into several processes.

          Here we go,

              1. New order placements
              2. Pending customer approvals
              3. Changes required
              4. Ready to offer
              5. Approved Finals
              6. Payment Pending
              7. Fully completed jobs 

          Above is an example of how you can break down your services into few steps. Then, based on the simplicity of the process, you can assign an assistant to handle it or fully automate it. Check Trello software to make your life much easier. 

          6. Optimizing the business

          Process optimization is the art of fine-tuning a process to optimize a set of parameters while adhering to a few restrictions. Is this something important? Indeed, it helps to reduce the cost of operations while maximizing the throughput or efficiency. 

              • How does it work?

          Imagine there are loads and loads of new orders queueing up in your account, and you figured that the problem is due to order taking approvals. To streamline the problem, all you can do is deploy a dedicated application to manage the workflow. On the other hand, you can make arrangements to bring all the automated processes of your drop servicing business into one screen and look at the bird’s eye view of your business in a nutshell.  


          Drop Servicing is a business that you can start quickly with less effort provided that the correct process is followed. I believe that this article will be of use to you. Suppose the proper procedure is followed. No wonder that you can earn a six-figure income. There could be similar services, but that doesn’t mean you have to be identical to them.

          Maybe the functional benefit of the service will be the same but try to add a new color to what you provide, being different from the rest of the competitors in your business. 

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