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Credit Cards With a 2% Cash Back Reward.

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Cashback and cashback credit cards

Cashback, also known as “cash back,” mentions two types of financial transactions related to credit and debit cards that have grown increasingly widespread in the financial sector in the last two decades. Most commonly, it’s a credit card benefit that reimburses the cardholder a small percentage of the amount spent on each purchase above a certain dollar threshold. Cashback also defines a debit card transaction in which cardholders collect cash when they make a purchase; mainly, a small amount above the item cost.

Citi Double Cash Card
Credit Cards With a 2% Cash Back Reward.

Cashback credit cards have received quite the excitement over the past two years. With many people changing their travel habits, individuals prefer stuffing their wallets with cash instead of points. Until a few years ago, the average cashback card offered 1% to 1.5% cashback; nothing worth mentioning, but some return those are nevertheless. 

Now, there are quite a lot of cards that will give you a surprising rate of 2% cashback on every single purchase you make, with barely any effort. With these fixed 2% cashback credit cards, there is no need to pay heed to category bonuses, initiate an increased earning rate or even choose a category of your choice. The 2% cashback is yours, nevertheless of the purchase you make. It’s as simple as it looks. Even better, these cards have no limits or extreme limits on how much cash back you can get.

Let us see which are the best credit cards with a 2% cashback offer among all the other cards in the financial field.

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi double cash cards are one of the most straightforward credit cards available. The refund is 2%. 1% at the time of purchase and 1% when the purchase is paid off. The reward is straightforward to gain every time you swipe. You can redeem cash on your bank statement, direct deposit to your bank account, gift card, or check. The main problem with cards is that there are no signup bonuses and fees for international transactions. 

While this Card has a $0 annual fee, the Card doesn’t offer many perks in the purchase or travel protection. It also provides no signup bonus, and it’s not an ideal card for international travel due to its 3% foreign transaction fee.  

Best of all, if at a future time you decide that you’d prefer to redeem your cashback travel rewards instead, you’ll have that opportunity as well if you pair this Card with a premium Citi ThankYou product, just like the Citi Premier Card. Currently, you can convert your cashback to ThankYou Rewards points, and then having the premium card allows you to transfer your points to a partner hotel or airline partner.  

However, this Card will earn ThankYou points starting this year instead of direct cashback. The accumulated ThankYou Points can be redeemed for cash or combined with the City Thank You Rewards Premium Credit Card to increase travel opportunities. Please note that a premium card is required to enable these higher quality transfers in the Thank You Rewards program. l Still, benefits and flexible redemption options are potentially advantageous options, whether used as a stand-alone card or in combination with another benefits card that offers higher benefits for a particular spending category.

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

This Card has a signup bonus, a 0% APR offer, and a low barrier to applications and redemptions. As a result, it’s difficult to demand more than a flat-rate cashback card that can earn more than 2%. The Wells Fargo Active Cash Card offers unlimited $ 2.5 cashback for all purchases and an annual fee of $ 0. One factor that sets it apart from the other two cashback cards is that it also has a signup bonus. After spending $ 1,000 on your first three months of purchase, you’ll earn a $ 200 reward bonus. 

Its track record includes mobile phone protection and a competitive 0% APR offer for referrals. 0% referral APR for 15 months from opening an account at the time of purchase and eligible balance transfer, followed by ongoing 14.99% APR 24.99% variable APR. Unlike most 2-cashback cards, there are no tricks related to applying for a card or using benefits. 2sh will be returned in statement credits, making it very easy to claim compensation. In addition, there is no limit to the amount of cashback you can receive. Alternatively, you can withdraw money from Wells Fargo ATMs using your bank debit card or ATM card. 

 Perhaps its biggest drawback is its relatively small size. This is due to the 3% foreign transaction fees that many direct competitors have. So, it’s a terrible choice for shopping abroad.

PayPal Cashback Mastercard

PayPal Cashback Mastercard offers an unlimited refund of 2% for purchases with an annual membership fee of $0. Please note that this Card is PayPal-centric. You need a free PayPal account that you can easily set up to apply. There are two options for receiving cash back. You can deposit money into your PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account or send money to a bank account or debit card linked to your PayPal account. 

This requires you to monetize the money you earn, but you can monetize your money whenever it works for you. Like many other cards that don’t have an annual fee, cardholders have many additional benefits. Since the foreign transaction fee is 3%, it is not a card used overseas.

Synchrony Premier World Mastercard

While the Synchrony Premier World Mastercard isn’t talked about often, it’s a top choice for earning cashback. You’ll automatically earn 2% cash back on every purchase you make with no caps applied as a statement credit. Even though the card doesn’t offer a signup bonus, cardmembers will get some lucrative benefits, despite it being a card with no annual fee. A plus is a World Mastercard, a higher level Mastercard that comes with cell phone insurance and other perks, Lyft credits, Hello Fresh credits and a DoorDash membership.  

With the cellphone protection, you’re covered up to $600 per claim (with a $50 deductible), up to two claims per year and $1,000 in yearly coverage. In addition, DoorDash membership provides DoorDash subscription service free of charge for three months. Plus, get 5% (used for future orders) for each HelloFresh order and get $ 5 a month in credits for three Lyft rides.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus

If you have a decent amount of money and are looking for a small business card,  Capital One Spark Cash Plus may be the right choice for you, as this Card is more mainstream than you think. Earning $ 2.50 on every purchase is the reason for getting a card, but the current signup bonus makes it even more attractive. Currently, this Card offers cashback of up to $ 3,000. For example, if you spend $ 5,000 in the first three months, you will earn $ 500, and if you spend $ 50,000 in the first six months, you will earn $ 2,500. This is a considerable offer to increase your company’s cash reserves. This Card may be attractive at first due to its large signup bonus, but for the next few years, make sure that the ongoing benefits outweigh the $ 150 annual fee. 

Then enjoy benefits such as no overseas assignment fees, Roadside Assistance, Extended Warranty Protection, and a free employee card. In addition, if you spend more than $ 200,000 a year on your Card, you will also receive a $ 200 cash bonus to offset the $ 150 annual fee.

Alliant Cashback Visa Signature Credit Card

This sweet deal requires some work. You have to join a credit union, and cashback is capped for superhigh spenders. You’ll also have to open an Alliant High-Rate Checking account, opt into electronic statements, make one monthly deposit into the history and maintain an average daily balance of $1,000 or more. That’s a lot of work to get a higher rate. But the payback with this Card is eyepopping. The Alliant Cashback Visa Signature Credit Card offers 2.5% cashback on spending up to $10,000 in qualifying purchases per billing cycle (1.5% cashback after that.) Average spenders will seldom come anywhere near that cap. 

Also, the annual membership fee is $ 0. Anyone can join a credit union for free if they apply for a card by agreeing to become a member of the eligible charity. If you replenish your monthly credits regularly, your Alliant Card’s 2.5% revenue will not be defeated. The disadvantages are that excellent credit is recommended before applying for a card, and there is no welcome bonus.

Discover it Secured Card

Most cards for bad credit have no rewards component, an annual fee and numerous other fees. We chose the Discover it Secured Card because it offers real value to those with less than perfect credit in the form of bonuses; earn 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in purchases each quarter. Plus, earn unlimited 1% cashback on all other purchases. A security deposit is required but Discover It Secured credit card automatically reviews customer accounts for an upgrade to an unsecured account after eight months of responsible use. 

Discover It Secured credit card has no annual fee bus has a minimum deposit fee of $200, and a regular APR of 22.99% variable. The starting balance of APR is 10.99% in 6 months. You can also use your Discover It Secure credit card to upgrade to an unsecured card. It is ideal for travellers as there are no foreign transaction fees.

American Express Blue Business Cash Card

Another business credit card with a refund of 2% is the American Express Blue Business Cash Card. This Card is also straightforward, but your higher income is limited to $ 50,000 per calendar year (1% at that time). Cashback is very easy to use as you will automatically receive the money you earn as your monthly statement credits. This could be a priority card for small businesses below the annual limit because the annual fee is $ 0 (see Fees and Fees). 

 The Card also has a welcome offer that offers $ 250 credit after making a $ 3,000 purchase with the Card during the first three months. The offer isn’t as high as what you get with Capital One Spark Cash Plus, but the minimum cost is significantly lower.


If you want to keep your life simple, a 2% cashback credit card may be the way to go. Other credit cards offer more rewards for purchases in a particular category but juggle multiple cards in your wallet at once while you know which card to use for each purchase. You may find that you do. Knowing always to get back 2% cashback may be a more accessible and more attractive option for you.


These are purely the opinions of the author based on observations of financial platforms and a study of public reviews and ratings on best credit cards which offers the customer a 2% cashback guarantee. Excerpts from various sources have been used to clarify the facts of this article. A glossary of all sources can be found at the end of the article. This article is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice.

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