Thursday, September 23, 2021

Basic Tips to Keep Your Credit Card Safe

Nowadays, Credit cards have become a precious thing for all of us. This helps us to complete our transactions efficiently. However, we should know...

Is it possible to have too many credit cards and yet have a good credit score?

Credit cards are excellent financial convenience and security tools. They're helpful when you don't have any cash on hand or want to make some...

Best credit cards and offers for teens 2021

Having a credit card, regardless of your age, is a tremendous responsibility. You might even wonder if credit cards are essential for teenagers, who...

September is here with incredible credit card deals for it’s first week.

Mega bonuses and limited-time offers to earn cash back, miles, or points.  Nobody minds saving a few bucks with an offer or earning a cashback...

Alliant Credit Union: Best for ATMs

I recommend the Alliant Credit Union for the best ATMs. Recently I went to the amazing Union bank. It has a perfect network system and...

The Platinum Card from American Express Now Has Even More Great Features.

The Platinum Card from American Express now has even more great features, as well as a higher annual cost. As the world faces the COVID-19...

Credit Card vs Debit Card: Which One Is Better?

Table of Content Let's see about credit card debit card What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card? Different types of...

Credit Card Missed Payments and Late Fees? Don’t Worry

I am usually on top of all my credit card bills and set them on autopay.  Contrary to what people think, I think it is safe to put the credit cards on......

Easiest Way for 25% off Amazon Purchases AMEX Offer

American Express currently is offering $15 off a $60 Amazon purchase after you load this offer to your AMEX credit card.  

Converting AMEX Bluebird to Serve

After Vanilla Reloads became unavailable at CVS, I found myself using my AMEX Bluebird a lot less often because I would mostly use......

Wife’s First Business Credit Card – Chase Ink Bold

I usually do some extensive credit card churning, while my wife occasionally signs up for a few credit cards (which I manage). 

Success Paying Chase Mortgage With Visa Gift Cards via Evolve Money

Method may not work as of 6/6/14. Evolve Money only allowing 4 payments per account.  See Frequent Miler’s post.

American Express SPG Personal and Business 30K Offers

American Express is back with their 30,000 SPG point bonus after spending $5,000 in 6 months for either the SPG Personal or Business cards.

BigCrumbs Cashback 2.45% on AMEX Gift Cards No Purchase Fees

Bigcrumbs cashback 2.45% on AMEX gift cards right now! This is a great cash back rate on buying AMEX gift cards because you can....

Swagbucks pending from Visa gift cards

I recently posted that you can receive Swagbucks from purchases even on Visa gift cards. Although the terms say no Swagbucks honored for gift card purchases,

My Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard Retention Offer

I’ve held the Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard for a year now, so that means my annual fee of $89 was charged to my credit card.

Buying Visa Gift Cards at with Chase Ink recently started selling $200 Visa gift cards online.  This makes buying Visa gift cards at with Chase Ink quite lucrative.....

American Express Free $10 if you have an Xbox

This is a pretty funny deal.  American Express Free $10 if you have an Xbox.  You can get a free $10 statement credit by syncing your AMEX to your Xbox.

Introduction to Rewards Credit Cards – Rewards Credit Cards for Cash Back (5% off all Amazon Purchases)

What are rewards credit cards? There are two types of reward credit cards: rewards credit cards for cash back and points/miles earning cards.