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Chinese Deflation Spurs Dollar Decline, Fuels Speculation of Further Stimulus Measures

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  • Chinese deflation leads to U.S. dollar decline; potential for additional stimulus measures.
  • Yuan rallies after state-owned Chinese banks engage in dollar selling.
  • The dollar index slides 0.2% against a basket of six major currencies.
  • European markets recover from the previous day’s losses; Italian bank tax clarified.
  • Investors focus on U.S. inflation data as Federal Reserve’s policy direction is sought.

The U.S. dollar witnessed a decline on Wednesday as new data revealed that the Chinese economy slipped into deflation last month. This development has raised expectations of additional stimulus measures by China and prompted investors to turn towards riskier assets.

Chinese state-owned banks engaging in dollar selling contributed to the rally of the yuan from a one-month low. The Chinese central bank’s decision to fix the exchange rate stronger than anticipated at 7.1588 per dollar before the market’s opening signals its unease with the recent depreciation of the yuan.

The greenback exhibited a 0.2% drop against the yuan, currently standing at 7.2246.

The dollar index, which gauges the U.S. currency’s performance against six other major currencies, experienced a slide of 0.2%, settling at 102.30. This marked a reversal from the previous day’s gains.

While the euro saw a 0.2% rise to reach $1.0978, the British pound dipped slightly to $1.2735.

Following a day of equities plummeting due to Italy’s announcement of an unexpected 40% windfall tax on banks, European markets rebounded. Italy’s finance ministry later clarified that the tax would not exceed 0.1% of banks’ total assets, calming market concerns.

In China, consumer prices recorded their first decline in over two years during July. However, rather than sparking safe-haven demand for the dollar, this data reinforced the belief that the Chinese government might adopt monetary stimulus measures to boost the economy.

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Joe Manimbo, a senior market analyst at Convera in Washington, emphasized that the decrease in risk aversion has minimized the dollar’s safety appeal. He further added, “Hopes that China’s economy is slowing to the point that Beijing will be compelled to step up stimulus and Italy scaling back its windfall tax were better received by markets.”

Investors are currently focusing on Thursday’s U.S. inflation data, which carries significant weight in a market seeking insights into the Federal Reserve’s policy direction.

Chris Scicluna, head of economic research at Daiwa Capital Markets, highlighted that the data’s significance is greater for investors than the drop in price pressures seen in China. He stated, “The central bankers, whether it’s the Fed, or the ECB (European Central Bank) or the Bank of England, are concerned about services prices and also about the overall tightness of the labor markets and that’s not going to change because of what is going on in China.”

Dovish signals from Fed officials surfaced overnight. Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker and Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic both indicated that interest rates are already at sufficient levels.

However, contrasting viewpoints within the Federal Reserve persist. While some officials lean towards holding rates, others, such as Fed Governor Michelle Bowman, suggest that further rate hikes are likely.

Money markets show that most traders anticipate no change from the Federal Reserve during the upcoming policy meeting in September. The derivatives market suggests a mere 13.5% possibility of a quarter-point rise.

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