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Travel for Free: Earn up to 60,000 bonus miles with Capital One Venture rewards

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The reward travel industry is tremendously complicated, with a never-ending list of acronyms to remember and transfer partners. However, earning and using credit card rewards should not be difficult. So let us take you through Capital One Venture rewards & ways to gain valuable 60k bonus miles! The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is an excellent solution to this challenging dilemma, providing straightforward making and redemption choices for newcomers and high-value transfer alternatives for seasoned point and mile collectors. Capital one is a great card for beginners, and earning rewards is pretty much straightforward. For example, after spending $3,000 in three months, you’ll receive 60,000 Capital One Venture Miles. Considering that every dollar you spend earns you two Venture Miles, it adds up to 66,000 miles worth $660 in travel.

Capital One Venture rewards earn 60k bonus miles

Welcome offer of the venture card

After you have made purchases that total $3,000 in the first three months of card membership, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card now offers 60,000 Venture miles. Capital One offers one of the most straightforward methods for using these miles toward travel. It is known as Purchase Eraser, and it works effortlessly and understandably. Charge any trip spent to your Venture card, log into your account, and pay in Venture miles. Because each mile is worth one penny, 60,000 miles are worth $600 in flights, hotels, and other expenses.

However, you can use these miles to pay for travel expenses that aren’t usually covered by points and miles, such as Airbnb, train trips, cruises, and so on. In recent years, Capital One has also extended the opportunity to transfer these miles to over a dozen different airline and hotel partners. So while it’s not as lucrative as other credit card transfer arrangements, you may theoretically get even more mileage out of these miles this way.

A fair annual fee

The capital one venture card has an annual fee of $95, Capital one used to waive off the first-year cost for starters, but this is no longer the case. People who get this card have to pay for the first year—after that, $95 for every year.

Application fee for global entry or TSA PreCheck

Capital One added a credit for either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck back in 2018. The application fee, currently $100 for Global Entry and $85 for TSA PreCheck,  will be repaid if you apply for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and pay using the card. This credit is available every four years, and enrollment in both programs is for a full five years.

2X capital one venture miles on every purchase made

One of the most valuable and valuable perks of the capital one venture card is how easy it is to stack up miles. For every purchase made with this card, you will earn 2X capital one venture miles. It also has no limits on how much you can earn. This makes the capital one venture card a fantastic card for your daily expenses. Be sure to remember that each mile can be redeemed for a max of one cent. It will go towards the cost of travel using a Capital one purchase eraser. This is an excellent offer as only a few credit cards have more than 1X points on all spending.

Fly with any airline and stay in any hotel of your preference

Thanks to how the Capital One Venture miles works, you are not restricted to one hotel or airline. There is no day that rewards are not available for you, and you can use them on any flight or hotel. When you use your Venture miles to pay for airfare, you won’t have to pay additional taxes or fees because you’re simply purchasing flights and deducting the amount with your miles. These miles you earn will never expire, and there is no limit to how much you can make.

Airline transfer with another partnered airline

Capital One offered the opportunity to transfer Venture Miles to multiple airline partners a few years ago. Capital One has additional hotel partners, more airlines and even enhanced the transfer percentage for some of those transfer partners, so that option has only gotten better over time. In total, you have access to more than a dozen airlines and three hotel companies. When transferring points, the exact number of miles you’ll receive is determined by where you send them. Capital One has introduced a few airlines that offer 1:1 transfer rates, which are by far the most incredible possibilities. Others transmit at a 2:1.5 or even 2:1 ratio, which isn’t as beneficial. The following are the transfer partners.

These transfer partners are a unique and advantageous way to get higher value out of your venture miles bonus potentially. Foreign Transaction fee-free. The capital one venture card does not require any foreign transaction fees. This makes it a fantastic option for purchases made during your international trips.

Who can get the maximum use from this card, Capital One Venture?

Capital One Venture rewards earn 60k bonus miles

Free-agent tourists, and those who aren’t devoted to a specific hotel chain or airline, can benefit from the card’s versatility. While you won’t get any airline-specific benefits like free checked luggage or priority boarding with this card, you can redeem your points to get the least expensive cash ticket to wherever you’re going. In addition, you can take full advantage of transfer partners in all three major alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam) at other times. It’s even easier to keep on top of the most incredible prices when you can switch between flights paid for at a fixed value with Venture miles and award tickets booked by transferring your miles to a variety of airline programs.

Travel accident insurance

In case of any emergency during a trip, you will be covered. You will not have to worry about anything. The Venture Rewards card simplifies the process of earning miles, making it ideal for people who don’t want to waste mental energy transferring credit cards between different types of stores. Every dollar you spend with the card earns you 2 miles, which means you’ll get 2 to 3.7 cents in travel benefits for every dollar you spend, with no annual limit. Bonus ReadTravel for Free: Earn up to 80000 miles with Delta SkyMiles Reserve (Amex)

Redeeming capital one miles

There are only two ways you can redeem the reward you earn from this card- Pay off travel purchases made in the past ninety days or transfer the miles to a partnered airline. You can select from the above-given partners to which you want to share. What other cards compete with Capital One Venture?

Chase sapphire preferred card.

Once $4,000 in purchases is made during the first three months of account setup, you’ll receive 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Five points per dollar spent on Lyft and trips booked through the Chase Travel Portal (until March 2022). Dining, select streaming services, and online grocery all get 3 points for every dollar spent (excludes Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs). Every travel not booked through the Chase Travel Portal earns 2 points per dollar. Everything else is worth one point per dollar & the possibility of transferring points to important airline and hotel partners. Travel costs 1.25 cents per point when booked through the Chase Travel platform & an annual charge of $95 is required.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

This card does not include an annual fee. It, too, can transfer miles to other partnered airlines. Within three months of spending $500, 20,000 bonus miles will be gifted. 1.25 miles for every dollar spent on purchases.

Amex EveryDay Preferred card by American Express

Spend $1,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening to get 15,000 Amex Membership Rewards points. For example, on the first $6,000 you spend at U.S. supermarkets each year, you’ll get 3 points for every dollar (then 1 point per dollar) & two points per dollar at gas stations in the United States. All other qualifying purchases earn 1 point per dollar spent. If you make at least 30 purchases in a billing statement, you will receive a 50% incentive. Amex Membership Rewards can transfer to valuable airline and hotel partners. However, $95 is the annual charge required.


The Capital One Venture Card is a fantastic card that will benefit you a lot. Earning miles is very easy and can be acquired at a consistent rate. At an annual fee of $95, you get a lot of advantages. It has to be one of the best travel cards someone can own.

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