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Bitcoin Drops Ahead of Fed Meeting, Amid Binance Concerns

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  • Bitcoin’s price falls over 3%, hitting $29,121.60 as investors await the Federal Reserve policy decision and consider Binance concerns.
  • Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, faces legal challenges and investigations that could affect its operations and founder’s licenses to operate.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the reason for the sharp drop in bitcoin’s price, with some attributing it to Binance concerns and others to technical factors and investor sentiment.
  • Investors closely watch the Federal Reserve’s meeting, expecting rate hikes that could impact bitcoin’s trajectory.
  • Bitcoin’s future breakout remains uncertain as factors like rate decisions and economic performance influence the market’s fluctuation.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin experienced a sharp and sudden decline as investors eagerly awaited a key Federal Reserve policy decision and grappled with concerns surrounding Binance, the largest crypto exchange globally. The price of bitcoin plummeted over 3%, reaching $29,121.60, with a low of $28,995.02, the lowest in over a month.

The reason behind this drastic drop remains unclear, but it coincided with a Wall Street Journal report that added to existing investor anxiety about Binance. CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao was reported to have suggested in a private conversation in 2019 that Binance affiliates played a role in trading volume around the time of its U.S. trading arm’s launch. This raised questions about possible “wash trading” to inflate volume.

Binance has been facing regulatory scrutiny, with a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit last month and a Department of Justice investigation that could lead to a consent decree or settlement. Federal prosecutors have been investigating allegations of anti-money laundering violations and sanctions evasion, which could impact Binance’s operations.

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However, some analysts believe the market’s volatility might not solely be attributed to the Binance situation. Technical factors and investor sentiment around the $30,000 mark could also be influencing Bitcoin’s movement.

Meanwhile, investors are closely monitoring the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting, which could impact Bitcoin’s trajectory. The market expects another 25 basis point rate hike by the Fed this week, with attention on potential rate decisions later in the year.

Rate increases have already affected Bitcoin’s price throughout 2022, along with other negative catalysts in the industry. While bitcoin and equities have shown resilience, concerns about a potential recession persist as traders assess the impact of rate hikes and recent economic signals.

The conclusion of the FOMC meeting could shed more light on the future path of bitcoin and the broader economy, as investors wait for additional data on inflation and economic performance. Until then, the crypto market may continue to fluctuate within a narrow range, with Bitcoin’s next breakout still uncertain.

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Source: CNBC

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