Friday, December 1, 2023

BigCrumbs Cashback 2.45% on AMEX Gift Cards No Purchase Fees

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Bigcrumbs cashback 2.45% on AMEX gift cards right now! This is a great cash back rate on buying AMEX gift cards because you can manufacture spend and earn points at the same time.

My favorite card to use is the Barclaycard Arrival credit card because it earns 2.2% travel cash back.  I use these points for third party hotels and also Airbnb stays, which I’ve recently started to shift my strategy towards.  Of course if you are trying to meet minimum spend, you can use that card as well.  However, do not use a Citicard because you will be charged a cash advance fee.  Chase, AMEX, and Barclaycards work just fine. I usually use the Barclaycard Arrival, but I used my recently obtained Chase Ink Bold Visa.

When buying a $3,000 AMEX gift card you will get the following cash back when using your Barclaycard Arrival credit card:

  • $3,009.95 * 2.45% = $73.75 Cashback – $9.95 shipping = $63.80 from Big Crumbs ($9.95 for express shipping)
  • $3,009.95 @ 2.2X from Barclaycard Arrival = 6,666 points or $66.82
  • Total Profit = $63.80 + $66.82 = $130.62 profit
  • Use code FPMOM to have purchase fees waived on personalized cards until 5/16 TODAY

I placed my order yesterday through Big Crumbs for a $3,000 personalized AMEX gift card using my Chase Ink Bold Visa.  Usually I would have used Barclaycard Arrival, but I just received the Ink Bold and need to spend $5K in 3 months.  My plan is to knock out $3K with the AMEX gift card and find different ways to liquidate the AMEX gift card.  In the meantime, I will also use Amazon Payments on the Chase card and AMEX gift card using the three-person Amazon Payment method.

The code FPMOM only works on personalized gift cards.  The shipping fee is $10, but you can possibly enroll in the express shipping for 90 days for free shipping.  Remember to cancel the express shipping because they will charge you $99 for the year.

You can do quite well buying AMEX gift cards and liquidating them.  It can be a challenge liquidating the AMEX gift cards, but I usually take my time and use Amazon Payments.  WIth the personalized version, you can buy Paypal Mycash cards, which you can load to Paypal and liquidate by using the Paypal debit card or transferring in different ways.  Stay tuned for a more detailed post about Paypal MyCash cards.

Be sure to take advantage of lower fees today by using the FPMOM code and BigCrumbs portal for 2.45% cash back.  This is one of the higher BigCrumbs cash back rates I’ve seen.  I like BigCrumbs a lot because I’ve had a 100% cash back success rate.  If you don’t have BigCrumbs yet, consider using my Bigcrumbs link (thanks!). Good luck everyone!

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