Thursday, December 9, 2021


Joseph Browns

Joseph Browns has been writing since he was a child and in addition to being a writer and professional writer, Joseph is also a web developer. His mother was also a very talented writer, and because Wool had the potential to be a writer from a background, his wife Allen also greatly encouraged his success, and he is now a financial graduate, and he chose to share his knowledge with the public by writing in the field of finance.

Planning a Trip to Bora Bora on Points and Miles

Planning a trip to Bora Bora on points and miles can be a daunting task and definitely takes lots of preparation.

Credit Card Updates – Chase Ink Cards 60K, US Airways 40K, Lufthansa 50K

Credit card offers are back on the rise again, here are the latest credit card updates.  Right now, both Chase Ink Bold and Plus cards are up to 60,000 bonus points.

Buying Visa Gift Cards at with Chase Ink recently started selling $200 Visa gift cards online.  This makes buying Visa gift cards at with Chase Ink quite lucrative.....

Top 5 Essential Tips in Redeeming Airline Miles

I’ve been receiving several award booking requests lately to popular places such as western Europe and Australia.  Many times they want to travel in the summer,

Points to Paradise – Introduction to Our Bora Bora Trip

We just returned from our once in a lifetime Bora Bora trip thanks to airline miles and hotel points. I would have never thought about

US Airways or American Airline Miles to North Asia?

One of my readers asked a good question the other day, “Should I use US Airways or American Airline miles to North Asia?” 

Date Changes Allowed on Existing AA Free One Ways

When American Airlines implemented a bunch of changes/devaluations last week, the biggest blow to me was the free one way tickets from

Lyft Decreased Fares to Compete with Uber

Lyft recently decreased its fare by up to 20% in many cities.  This was due to a $250 million increase in funding from investors. 

MAJOR American Airlines DEVALUATION – My Thoughts

A major american airlines devaluation on their AAdvantage mileage program was announced implemented without warning yesterday.

Tokyo with a Free Stopover in Honolulu for 25K AA Miles

Update 4/8/14 – Free Stopovers no longer allowed per AA’s new rules on 4/8/14.   One of my favorite award redemptions is using American Airline...

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