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Apple Employees Union Requests a Company-Wide Christmas Eve Boycott: “Do Not Shop In Stores.” In addition, don’t do any online shopping.”

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A collective group of Apple workers in retail and corporate have requested for the company’s staff to march out or cry out on Christmas Eve. The organization has named themself, Apple Together.

Calling all Apple workers and patrons!” read the Tweet,

“December 24th, 2021, Apple workers are staging a walkout/callout to demand better working conditions.”

The patron’s reference is fascinating. Apple Together shared numerous supporters’ postings asking for a customer boycott. Among these tweets was a tweet from Alex Hanna, a Senior Research Scientist in Ethical AI at Google.

“Don’t shop at Apple Stores on Christmas. Support Apple workers!”

It’s unclear what influence a customer boycott would have. Most Apple stores in the U.S. remain open until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve for last-minute buying, although consumers may buy anytime online.

According to organizers, HuffPost reported that “at least 50 workers across three states” had walked out or called out.

The group also gave out a list of demands, which also included, “Don’t Shop In Stores. Don’t Shop Online.”

We deserve a respectful workplace. We deserve paid sick time. deserve protection on the frontlines. Ans also we deserve proper mental healthcare,” reads the tweet. “Demand that Apple upholds its image with your wallet. Don’t shop in stores. Don’t shop online.”

Apple Together also retweeted a message of support from Cher Scarlett, a former Apple software developer who became the head of the #AppleToo movement, and Apple Together forerunner.

In August, Scarlett released an essay on Medium saying that sexual harassment, assault, and racism concerns submitted to Apple management were regularly disregarded.

“Frontline workers deserve as much dignity as anyone else and should be protected above profits,” wrote Scarlett. “I stand with the Apple workers walking out and calling off tomorrow.”

Hers was hardly the only voice of worry this year at Apple. This summer, Apple employees allegedly began circulating a petition urging corporate executives for more flexible working arrangements.

In November, according to NBC News, a handful of staff at a Texas Apple shop who were having Covid-like effects were persuaded to come into work on Black Friday. Twenty-two of the store’s employees later tested positive for the virus. The store ended up needing to close for four days shortly afterwards.

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