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Apollo Global Management Nears Deal to Provide Yellow Corp with Cash Amid Bankruptcy

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Yellow Corp. trucks and trailers are pictured at a YRC Freight facility Friday, July 28, 2023, in Richfield, Ohio.


  • California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) investigates data privacy practices of automakers and vehicle technology companies.
  • CPPA’s Enforcement Division probes location sharing, web-based entertainment, smartphone integration, and cameras in vehicles.
  • Modern vehicles act as “connected computers on wheels,” collecting sensitive consumer data.
  • Consumer Watchdog warns that car data is becoming a lucrative industry with access to extensive personal information for advertising.
  • Stricter data privacy regulations may be necessary to protect consumer information and ensure compliance.


In a significant move to address concerns surrounding data privacy and protection, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) has initiated an investigation into automakers and vehicle technology companies. The CPPA’s Enforcement Division is actively probing the privacy practices of these companies, focusing on areas such as location sharing, web-based entertainment, smartphone integration, and embedded cameras within vehicles. This investigation comes in light of the growing volume of data collected by cars and the potential implications for consumer privacy and security.

Modern vehicles have evolved into connected computers on wheels, equipped with built-in apps, sensors, and cameras that can gather a wealth of information about individuals both inside and around the vehicle. CPPA Executive Director Ashkan Soltani stressed the importance of understanding the extent of data collection by vehicles, including sensitive details such as consumers’ locations, preferences, and daily activities.

The challenges surrounding vehicle data privacy are critical due to the automatic nature of data gathering, and regulators worldwide have expressed concerns about the extensive personal information collected by vehicles. Last year, the California-based nonprofit Consumer Watchdog raised an alarm, highlighting that “car data is the new gold rush of the auto industry.” Automakers and third-party companies have access to a vast array of personal information, ranging from driving habits to purchase behavior and text communications. This treasure trove of consumer data enables companies to create detailed consumer profiles for targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

The impact of data privacy issues extends beyond the auto industry as connected vehicles become increasingly prevalent. Consumers are now more aware of potential privacy risks and are seeking greater transparency regarding how their data is utilized and shared.

While the trade group representing major automakers has not provided an immediate comment on the investigation, it is evident that data privacy in the automotive sector requires careful consideration and responsible handling of consumer data.

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The actions taken by the California Privacy Protection Agency reflect the growing significance of data privacy in the digital age. As the automotive industry continues to embrace technological advancements, addressing data privacy concerns becomes an ongoing challenge. Stricter data privacy regulations may be necessary to ensure automakers’ compliance with privacy laws and to protect consumers’ sensitive information.

As the investigation progresses, it may lead to increased awareness and scrutiny of data privacy practices across the automotive sector. Ultimately, safeguarding consumer data is essential to maintain trust, build confidence, and preserve the reputation of the automotive industry in the age of connected cars and digital transformation.

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