Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Activate 5% Cashback On Your Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex Cards.

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Here is some exciting news for Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex cardholders. Chase took an enthusiastic start for Q1 categories this year, 2023 and again, Chase has announced exciting and customer-favorable bonus categories for Q2. ( no longer available for new applicants).

After activating this offer, all the cardholders can earn more than their spring purchases if their purchases are done from Amazon and Lowe’s done with Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex.

Isn’t it exciting to know that you earn 5% on your spring purchases whenever you order spring clothes or spring cleaning supplies from Amazon or decorate your house with purchases from Lowe’s with the payment done by your Chaser Freedom Flex!

Chase Freedom 5% activation confirmation

Here is how it works 

After the activation and during the eligible quarters, the card member will earn 5% back (or 5 points per dollar spent) on up to $1500. And after that, 1% or 1 point per dollar spent.

If you activate this offer, remember this is valid even for the purchases you made from the beginning of this year with these cards.

But remember, card members have to spend in the following categories,

  • Amazon
  • Lowe’s

So all the cardholders, CahseFreedom and Chase Freedom Flex can activate their card and unlock bonus categories for this spring term.

This is an attractive offer from Chase since these cashback rewards only expire if your account is open, and there is no minimum or deadline to redeem your reward.

Registrations are open now

This process is not complicated. You can complete this with your Chase account- enter your last name, the last four digits of your card, and your zip code.

Bonus details anyone would love to renovate and redecorate their houses or fill their wardrobes for the spring season. Whether it is an electronic, cleaning pack, or spring outfit, cardmembers can earn cashback from these one-stop shops, Amazon and Lowe’s.

Note that after you reach the maximum of 5% back for the first $1500 spent, you will earn 1% back on purchases.

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