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5 Easy Ways to Cut your Health Costs

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Are you willing to cut your health cost? Yet, you may still spend hours and hours on the internet reading articles on it, or are you still complaining about your prescription? My question is whether you could find the ideal one which helps you to get there. If not, don’t worry, be happy because you are in the exact right spot. Here are some super 5 easy ways to cut your health cost while overloading your bank account with more funds. So let’s get started with this,

5 easy ways to cut your health costs

Tip No 1: Generic drug

A generic medicine is precisely the same as the original medicine, even though some differences in color, size, and shape. Though the manufacturers vary, it contains the same ingredient. You can save more money than you expect because generic drugs are cheaper than the original drug. So, when you go to the pharmacy, first ask for all of the generic drugs for the prescription you want, and then compare the prices because there are a lot of substitutes for a specific drug. For example, once I went to a pharmacy and gave them the prescription that the doctor prescribed me. They did not have the same drug written on the prescription, so they suggested a substitute, and I asked them the price of the original drug and the generic drug, and you know what, I was surprised because it was much cheaper than I thought. So I think switching to generics is the first thing you should start today if you want to save money on your medical expenses, as keeping a small amount adds up to a large amount.

Tip No 2: Price shopping and lowering insurance rate

Health insurance is something you should buy because in an emergency, and it will be beneficial. As there are many insurance companies, you have to communicate with some of the insurance companies. You should find out the cheapest health insurance cover because, trust me, almost all the health insurance covers have the same benefits, but some insurance companys’ prices are very high.

5 easy ways to cut your health costs

I experienced this exactly four years back. So I wanted to get a health insurance cover, and I got a quotation from one particular insurance company. On the next day, someone from another insurance company called me and told me about their benefits. So I asked them also to send me a quotation. When I compared their price, they both had the same benefits but different prices. The first quotation price was much cheaper than the other quotation. So I went with the more affordable health insurance cover, and when I made the payment, they gave me a 15% cashback. I was over the moon, and I  recommended that insurance company to my friends and family. You already might be having a health insurance cover and thinking of what to do now. That is okay, don’t think about it too much. If you already have one, you can call your existing insurance company and ask for lower rates at least once a year. Also, you can ask for coupons as a loyalty reward for being their customer for many years. So when you are getting a health insurance cover, keep this tip in mind because you have no idea how much money you will be able to save through this.

Tip No 3: Quantified health tip

Apps and devices that track all of your daily actions have made self-improvement easier than ever before. It is an excellent investment to invest in a device that tracks your steps. It counts your steps when you’re walking and the hours you have slept, and so on. So using this, you can compete with yourself and gain a healthy life. Walk ten thousand steps per day without exceptions. There are plenty of step counting apps, and you can get one of them into your smartphone and practice this daily. It will help you to be healthier and to live a better life. Bonus read – Best 10 health apps

Tip No 4: Spend time on understanding your company health benefits

Nowadays, most companies offer health benefits to their employees that they do not even know. You have to spend more time understanding the health benefits your company provides you because this will help save more money, and the time you invest will not be useless. Most of the time, people don’t know what their companies offer them. You could be shocked when you hear about the services they provide, which includes family hospitalization expenses, elderly care for parents if necessary, childcare, visual expenses such as claims for spectacles and eye-related treatments, dental expenses, ambulance charges, and pharmacy expenses. All of these perks are paid for by the firm where you work. Personally, I was also unaware of this. I was preoccupied with my work and didn’t want to waste any of my valuable time. However, my eyesight worsened when I consulted a doctor, and he advised me to wear spectacles as a result of working on a laptop all day. I planned to pay the bill myself until a coworker reminded me that our company pays for visual aid expenses, and only then did I learn about their other perks. So it is preferable if you have some time to dedicate to this because you might unintentionally or accidentally pay for things their company currently provides for free. So please spend some time to know about company benefits and take full advantage of them.

Tip No 5: Find outpatient Clinics

Going to hospitals to get medicine would cost you more. You can search outpatient facilities to obtain the health service/surgery you need since it is cheaper than a hospital. Ultimately staying healthy while working is the best thing that you can do to cut your health costs. In addition, practicing good health practices would indeed protect your pocket from any extra burden. So that brings us to the end of our article. You can follow these easy tips in your life while you are saving money from what you earn.

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