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25 Percent Off Costco Purchases Through AMEX

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Here is how you can get 25 Percent Off Costco Purchases Through AMEX!  AMEX is currently running a promotion of $25 off $100 purchase at Costco until December 31, 2012, limited to availability.  You must have an American Express Card synced to Facebook.  All you have to do is the following:

1. Go to and sync your AMEX card to facebook.

2. Click here to load the Costco offer to your card.

Load offer to your Card.

3. You will get an email confirming your registration.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully synced your American Express® Card ending in XXXXX.

Get started by visiting Amex Sync with Facebook here for more savings, rewards, and experiences you’ll love!

See program terms at

4. Buy a $100 Costco Cash Card here.  You can use this Costco Cash Card to buy anything from Costco.

5. Receive $25 back in a couple weeks.  I have received many cash back offers and free money from AMEX. I recently bought 4x $20 gift cards from a Boba store in Garden Grove during an AMEX promotion and got all 4 $20 credits back within a week!  Last year I registered 2-3 cards for Small Business Saturday, which takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Small Business Saturday gives you $25 back for each AMEX card you use at a Small Business.  You can potentially buy $25 gift cards and use them later.

6. Possibly create additional Facebook accounts for your other AMEX cards.  I haven’t done this, but I’ve read that it could work.  I have 5 AMEX cards between my wife and I, so a possbility of $125 of free Costco dollars!

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