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Top 8 Credit Cards Every Freelance Worker Should Have in Their Wallet

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 Why have credit cards but not debit cards?

Let’s just look at why credit cards differ from debit cards and their respective pros and cons.

  • A credit card gives you access to a line of credit issued by your bank, and a debit card draws money directly from your bank account.  
  • Credit cards offer better consumer fraud protection than debit cards linked to a bank account. 
  • Newer debit cards offer better security than credit cards, but many credit cards no longer charge an annual fee. 
  • It is important to consider fees and benefits when comparing credit cards and debit cards linked to a bank account.
Top 8 Credit Cards

So, there are several pros to using a credit card, such as not having to face an embarrassing situation when suddenly your bank account has no money. The debit card has some advantages like warranty and purchase protection on specific items or services. It also offers fraud protection when you lose your card. And the cons are when you use a credit card, you sometimes won’t have the sense of limit as it offers you short-term loans, and if you don’t pay the loan and the interest on time, you might lose the card or, worse be blacklisted. So, now let’s see what benefits a credit card offers to a freelancer.

Benefits for freelancers.

It is a fact that most freelancers have a hard time keeping their personal and professional expenses apart. Sometimes having a problem of certain debit cards being unable to use in foreign countries lesser protection. As a result, most freelancers and sole proprietors tend to use ‘business credit cards to help them keep their personal and professional expenses apart. Thye can also enjoy more benefits and rewards like discounts on airfare, hotels, gas stations, or any other travel-related services.

Business credit cards also help you keep track of your transactions with records to track your work and find and pay the taxes. Using a business credit card as a freelancer can earn you valuable points miles or even reimburse you for expenses. And with so many great deals on offer to new job seekers, it’s time to add one of the above cards to your wallet.

Top 8 must-have credit cards and why?

Here we look at the top 8 must-have credit cards for freelancers according to some prominent expert sites. You will see that almost all of the cards in top rankings are the same, with a couple of differences. This can be proof that we are talking about the best business credit cards out there on the field.


First, we have the Chase Ink Business Credit Cards. There are three types of credit cards issued by the said bank, namely,

1.Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

2.Ink Business Cash Credit Card                  

3.Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

These each have ranked among the top in sites like, ‘money crashes (Ink Business Unlimited card ranks #1)‘ and ‘upgraded point (Ink Business Preferred card ranks #3)‘ and according to the ‘the point guy‘, Ink Business Cash ranks at #4 followed by the Ink Business Preferred and Ink Business Unlimited respectfully. The Ink Business Preferred card has a $95 annual fee and a reward point system. The other two do not have annual fees and offer you cashback rewards. 

Secondly, we have the ever so famous Amex credit cards. They offer you four different types of business credit cards.

1.American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card 

2.American Express Business Platinum Credit Card 

3.American Express Business Gold Credit Card

4.American Express Blue Business Cash Credit Card

As before, they also hold ranks among the top 5 best credit cards in the said sites where American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card has the #1 place in the ‘the point guysite, the American Express Blue Business Cash Credit Card holds the #3 in the ‘money crashes’, and American Express Business Gold Credit Card has the #2 place in the ‘upgraded point’ site. 

From these four cards, both the Blue Business Plus and the Blue Business Cash credit cards don’t require an annual fee. But the Platinum and the Gold credit cards deem a yearly fee of $695 and $295. 

Even though these two require a higher annual fee, the experts analyze that these two cards offer more rewards. They also offer excellent deals to be exchanged with the rewards points. These benefits include luxury flights and hotels booked through transfer partners, travel booked through Amex Travel, gift cards, charitable donations, statement credits, and merchandise.

Finally, the next on the list is the Capital One Spark. It offers many credit cards varieties such as business venture cards and business credit cards. They are listed with three versions that are on the publicly voted list. The other is not in the lists but exists out there for the freelancers. 

1.Capital One Spark Miles Credit Card for Business

2.Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card for Business 

3.Capital One Spark Select Cash Credit Card for Business 

4.Capital One Spark Miles Select Credit Card for Business

Out of these, the Capital One Spark Miles credit card for business managed to score a high position on all three of the lists we’re considering. As #3 in the ‘the point guy’ #5 ‘money crashes’ and #6 ‘upgraded point’ sites. Other than this, the cards Capital One Spark Cash Credit Card and Select Cash Credit Card rank as #7 and #8 respectively in the ‘money crashes’ site. 

The Miles credit card asks you for an annual fee of $95, waives the first year, and offers you 2x on all your purchases as a reward. And other credit cards also have a yearly fee range of $0 – $95. They offer you different rewards like cash bonuses, free employee cards with 2% cashback on every purchase, etc.

There’s a common point in the above three business credit card providers. They are having a high variable APR rate of 13.24% – 20.99%. But I see it as a fair deal compared to the rewards and the benefits these credit cards provide to freelancers.

Whether you’re a long-time freelancer or just a beginner, having a business credit card for your professional expenses is extremely helpful. Especially when it comes to keeping your account books in order. In addition, you can also earn valuable points, miles or cashback on your spending.

With many lucrative offers available to new applicants, now is a great time to add one of the above cards to your wallet as a freelancer or a sole proprietor. But it is solely upon you how you choose the relevant credit card with an affordable interest rate or suitable rewards according to your job. It is also your decision of how to use the credit card thoughtfully without delaying your bills.


These are purely the opinions of the author based on observations of financial and other information platforms and a study of public ratings and reviews on the best credit card that every freelancer should own. Excerpts from various sources have been used to clarify the facts of this article. A glossary of all sources can be found at the end of the article. This article is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice.

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