A Father Made A Heart Touching Post About His Daughter With Down Syndrome

There isn’t any parent that doesn’t like to raise kids their own. When a woman and a man get married, we considered it as a family but doesn’t completed. Everyone believes that kids make the family fulfill and brighter. But it doesn’t happen always. If a baby born with a serious health issue, it makes parents sad and disappointed. In those situations, some parents ignore their kids while others doing everything to make a better future for their kids.

This news is also about a father; Rory Feek, that devotes his whole life to protect his daughter with Down syndrome! He had to live alone with his daughter after his wife passed away by cancer. But it didn’t matter to Rory to take care of his little daughter; Indiana. He believes that Indiana is the happiness of his life during his regretful time.

Rory has got a blog named ‘This Life To Live’ to settle his and his daughter’s life. When he looks at her, he thinks Indiana is a blessing of God rather than a mistake. By mentioning that, he put a note on one of his blogs, saying ‘God doesn’t make mistakes’!

Rory knows that it’s very difficult to look after a daughter without her mother. But he believes that his wife; Joey is always with him as a spirit to guide him to the correct path. He always wants to make Indiana’s life as significant as other’s lives. Because he knows Indiana also has feelings and dreams like other children. He never wants to let anyone ignore his daughter using her disability. So Rory believes that Indiana will learn everything from others when she grows!