A Doggy Helps His Elderly Neighbor Woman Who Has Got Respiratory Problems

We all know about that special bond between dogs and humans. There’re so many stories like that we’ve heard all over the world. If you’re a dog owner, you may know about your dog’s reactions when you have got a problem. Dogs love to stay close to their owners and they used to go after everywhere with their owners. Some dogs have got master brains like humans to help their owners.

This story is also about a doggy like that who helps his neighbor with respiratory problems! That doggy’s name is Sunny. It is incredible to see the way that Sunny brings groceries to Renee; the elderly women. Because a dog rarely helps someone who doesn’t his owner.

Sunny’s owner is Eveleth. She knows about Renee for years but with this epidemic, she couldn’t look after Renee. Because Renee has got a respiratory problem and she has to follow the social-distance method. So Eveleth decided to use Sunny as Renee’s delivery partner!

What a surprise! It looks like Sunny doing his job better than a real delivery partner. Renee said that the delivery procedure is totally simple. The only thing Renee has to do is make a list and give it to Sunny! After Eveleth brings the stuff, Sunny delivers them to Renee.

Because of Sunny’s duty, Renee has got enough time to relax with her health issues. She said that Sunny not only delivers groceries but also cure her loneliness!