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10 Things Rich People Do Not Spend Their Money

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“Life is too short. So live up your life the way you want.” This is what goes on most of our minds when we get to spend our hard-earned money. All of us forget how hard it was to earn money when it comes to spending. Because we all try to enjoy that moment of owning what we want no matter how much it costs. Then, later on, only we realize how stupid we were by that time. However, we never learn a lesson. This goes like a cycle. First, we spend on what we want without having second thoughts; then, we regret spending much when we run out of money. This goes on and on. But have you ever thought about how rich people make money and enjoy their lives without any financial shortages as you do? Here comes the magic behind how rich people spend their money…

Manthra of Rich people 

Let me take an example and explain it to you. What would you do if you were given $300 to buy a handbag? If I were you, I’d rather spend the entire $300 and buy a branded bag, and I hope you would do the same. But the rich always think the other way around. The rich would spend $10 for the handbag and have the remaining $290 in the bag, then buy an expensive one for $300 and have nothing to put in the bag.

So, friends, this is the difference between the poor and the rich. We might be earning the same amount as they do, but rich people are wiser than poor people when spending.

We can all be rich if we know how to spend wisely. Here are some fantastic tips that help us become rich with the money we have at hand.

Here we go.

Ten things which rich people do not spend their money on

Point #1 – Clothes and Shoes

Celebrities and Superstars spend a lot of money on their clothes and shoes. However, all that they have been branded outfits. In a way, that’s okay for them to spend like that because they are public icons, and their profession depends on how attractive and popular they are among the general public.

For Celebrities, their spending on luxury clothing and shoes could be some investment in themselves because their fame revolves around those material things and not only that, they become brand ambassadors for such luxurious brands. But, the issue comes when poor people try to imitate their lifestyle.

Poor people’s mindset is different. They can be easily trapped and misled. They go into debt to get that celebrity look. But have you ever seen the world wealthiest people like the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates wearing luxurious clothes like Celebrities? Hell no, they always wear what brings them comfort. They do not wear to impress others, and they do not need their outfit to prove their success or confidence.

Guys!! Just google and see what late Steeve Jobs was wearing when featuring in new Apple product launches. A plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans are all that is needed. Your clothes and shoes do not reflect your wealth. Just because someone is wearing Gucci clothes does not mean he is well off. Because one could barely afford to buy such a brand yet buy it because of their burning desire to own one even by going into debt. My advice is not to buy clothes and shoes to show off but see whether they fit your purpose. Being straightforward will always make you elegant.

Point #2 – High Ticket Property

Have you ever fantasized about owning a home? If so, how big your house is in your dreams. We all dream of having big houses no matter how much money we have at hand. It is pretty simple nowadays because we can quickly go for a housing loan even if we do not have money. So we dream of having our houses like mansions. Banks are willing to give us loans at any amount as long as we can repay our debts. So we go for higher and higher debts putting ourselves into a financial prison till we die. But is this what rich people do? Hell no, this is not even in their dreams. All they do is they go for a house that matches their prices or sometimes buy an old bungalow and invest money to bring it back to life. They do not live for others’ attention. We need to live for ourselves, not for others.

Point #3 – Gadgets

How many new gadgets did you buy this year? Well, I have one of my friends who loves to upgrade his phone when a new device comes, even if his existing one is doing well at the moment. No wonder you might have come across such personalities in your life as well. Sometimes, you could be someone like that. That is not an issue. But, recall and see whether the wealthiest person you know has the latest gadget at hand. Most rich people are comfortable using their old phones no matter how many new phones come into the market. Not because they can’t afford it, but they are confident in using the same phone over several years. But poor people get a loan or sell something to go for the latest to make them look trendier and richer. What is the point of living a life in debt to show off your status? Guys, you need to open your eyes wide and see the gravity of life.

Point #4 –  Loans

Rich people never get into debts for instant gratifications. Loans, credit cards or any borrowed cash are not their things. They consider loans burdens and always try to live a simple life that suits their budget. However, poor people are not like that. They like to buy things they can’t afford, even on credit. Because their utter intention is to show others that they can buy those even if they don’t, this is an endless cycle. You buy on credit and borrow some more to pay off those debts. We need to get over this mindset, guys.

Otherwise, life would be hell. Inner peace matters the most. Why are we trying to get into trouble to get others’ attention?  Okay, let’s say you impress someone buying which you could not afford through a loan. What’s the whole point of it? They would talk about it at the start and forget it, but you have to suffer the pain of debt until its pays off. One of the main secrets between rich and poor is that the rich does not lead a fancy lifestyle though they have money like the poor. They give value to their hard-earned money, unlike poor people.

Point #5 – Food

Just imagine two people going to a restaurant. One with a high income and the other with a low income. They order food.

One dish is filled with a cheesy hamburger, French fries and a roasted chicken. It looks mouthwatering.

But the other dish is with just a few boiled vegetables, salad leaves and a small boiled piece of chicken. This does not seem appetizing. Guess whose plate is whose?

Dish #1 belongs to the poor, and

Dish #2 belongs to the rich.

This is another thing that the rich won’t spend their money on. Rich people always go for health-conscious meals, and it is suitable for their gullet as well as for their wallet as well.

Well, let me share a personal experience of mine. My colleagues gave me a farewell party on my last day at work in a five-star hotel. So we had our category head as well with us. She is super-duper rich. We ordered food, and everyone ordered cocktails, hard liquor and some fancy milkshakes. But to tell you, she asked only for a glass of hot water which cost zero dollars. When we asked her why her response made us shake a bit, she said, “Now we are having a lot of fatty stuff for dinner, so I’m kind of trying to lessen the impact by having hot water.” See; actually, she can buy all the food available in the restaurant with the money she has. But, her reaction was completely different.

Rich people know how to spend on what. Poor people buy high-calorie food by spending a lot of money and finally end up spending on their health issues.

One might think the rich won’t spend money to enjoy their lives and the only pleasure they get is to see the heaps of money they collected. It is no harm to think like that. But always remember spending for no reason or unnecessarily does not make you look rich. The poor try to look rich from their outer appearance and behaviour, whereas the rich are rich.

Buckle up, Guys!  Let’s meet you with the remaining five things that rich people do not spend soon.

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