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Why Are Marriott Bonvoy Points Worth?

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When redeemed for award stays, Marriott Bonvoy points are worth around 0.9 cents each. So whether you’ve accumulated Marriott Bonvoy points through credit cards, vacations, or business travel, you might be wondering how much they’re worth.

Marriott points are worth around 0.7 cents each, according to our calculations. This is a baseline, not a maximum, derived from real-world data. In other words, you must try to aim for award redemptions that value your Marriott points at 0.7 cents or more extraordinary.

What does this number imply?

Based on comparing actual redemption possibilities, whether paying with cash or points, we determined that Bonvoy points are worth 0.7 cents each.

Unlike other online valuations, it is based on data rather than a hypothetical optimum worth.

You’re doing well if you’re obtaining more than 0.7 cents per point in value for redemption. Consider exploring a different redemption option if you’re getting less.

This estimation might also help you determine the value of a Marriott Bonvoy promotion or credit card offer. But keep in mind that this is simply an estimate, not a firm cash value.

How do Marriott Bonvoy points compare to those earned through other hotel loyalty programs?

Although there is no “normal” value for Marriott Bonvoy points, they give a hotel reward program below-average value.

Hotel-based program Per-point value

0.7 cents for Best Western Rewards.

0.8 cents in IHG Rewards.

0.5 cents for Hilton Honors.

1.9 cents for Hyatt.

0.7 cents for Marriott Bonvoy.

0.6 cents for Radisson Rewards.

0.9 cents Wyndham Rewards

What has happened to this value over time?

For the past three years, we’ve been tracking the worth of Marriott Bonvoy points in the same way. Further, the value has unfortunately declined significantly. This is particularly terrible news for Marriott fans and those who signed up for Marriott-branded credit cards in the hopes of acquiring better deal.

How did we figure out how much Marriott Bonvoy points are worth?

We examined cash and incentive (point) bookings at various Marriott properties in both domestic and international locations. Each redemption’s value per point was determined, and the entire value was calculated from there.

To ensure that we compared the overall value, we made it careful to add taxes and fees for both reward and cash bookings. We used the 75th percentile amount for the overall evaluation, which is the equivalent of assessing four distinct redemption possibilities and selecting the one that delivers the best deal.

Each point is worth about 0.9 cents. The value of points varies greatly (we’ve discovered numbers as low as 0.5 cents and as high as 2.6 cents). For an award night, you’ll need anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 points. Peak award days (if you don’t mind spending a lot of issues), the first two hotel categories (if you can find a nice property), and category seven hotels offer the best value. Marriott Bonvoy is one of the most extensive hotel loyalty programs globally, with properties all over the globe and a variety of redemption choices.

Where can you get the most bang for your buck by using your Marriott points?

We wanted to highlight certain sweet spots in the Marriott Bonvoy program (hotel room categories that offer better value than average) based on the chart above to help you optimize your points.

Hotels in categories 1 and 2

Although not the most luxurious of accommodations, booking off-peak dates at Category 1 and 2 hotels can result in some fantastic savings. If you’re the type of visitor who prefers to spend more money on activities in your destination, Marriott’s portfolio may have some affordable hotels. According to our analysis, getting more than 1 cent of value for your Marriott Bonvoy points in these two categories shouldn’t be too harsh.

Category 1 properties start at 5,000 points per night, equivalent to about $45 in our points valuation.

Hotels in the seventh category

On peak days, luxury visitors can save up their Marriott Bonvoy points to get a great price on Category 7 properties. This can cost up to $1,957 at The W in Aspen. This hotel costs only 70,000 points per night (peak), which equals around $630 in moments.

Is Marriott Bonvoy a good deal?

While many people think of Marriott Bonvoy as a loyalty program with little rewards value, our latest analysis reveals that this isn’t always the case. While several redemption possibilities pay only 0.5 cents per value (or less), the chart also has several sweet spots.

Marriott Bonvoy provides award travel options for budget-conscious travellers and those seeking the finest in luxury. Not only will you earn a lot of points with a Marriott Bonvoy credit card. But you’ll also get extra hotel bonuses that will improve your stay.

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