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Things Rich People Do Not Spend Their Money

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Hi guys, today I’m here with another few things which rich people don’t spend on. Hope you can remember the first five Things Rich People Do Not Spend Their Money I have already talked about in my previous article. If not, don’t worry I will give a quick brief on that first. Just to refresh your mind.

Here we go.

Item Do’s Don’ts
1.      Clothes and Shoes Spending on clothes and shoes which bring them comfort. Not spending on luxury clothes and shoes like super stars do to impress others.
2.      High Ticket Property Spending on property within their budget. Not borrowing loans or money from third party to buy property.
3.      Gadgets Using regular, old devices with confidence. Not spending on fancy items unnecessarily.
4.      Loans Always on loan free mindset. No loans or any other borrowings.
5.      Food Keen on healthy food Not spending on oily food stuff and other high calorie food.


All good guys! Watch out. Let’s see what other five interesting things line up today which help you to think like a rich and get rid of the poor’s mindset.

So let’s get started…

Point 6 – The image

Do you think what you consume reflects your image? You might say of course yes. That means you have warmly embraced poor people’s mindset. Because the poor spend hell a lot of money on unnecessary stuff thinking it boost their image. The poor’s expenses go up high in the sky when compared to their income. But the rich are not like that.

“Rich don’t spend on flashy cars, designer outfits, or most expensive dinners from restaurants. Also they are confident with their old regular phone or their old reliable car or even casual clothing which brings them comfort.”

They do not spend money to get instant gratification. They dress like normal Joe or Jane and even go on public transport when necessary. Sometimes you can’t even recognize them at a glance by the way they dress and behave. Because they look super normal. Does that mean they are stingy or anything? No, it is just that they don’t want to impress others by showing off. Their personality reflects their wealth and status not the material things around them. Being simple makes them more confident, respectful, and elegant wherever they go. They don’t need to prove to others how rich they are.

Guys, don’t be materialistic, just spend on only what is necessary for you not for others. If you are up for this, you don’t need to collect a lot of money to be rich. What you have with you is more than enough for you to be rich. It’s just that you need to spend wisely. Live your life for yourself, not for others.

Point 7 – Get Rich Quick Schemes

People can be rich in two ways.

Option # 1: Winning a lottery or winning a Casino bet

Option # 2: Winning an educated bet after collecting all the relevant information

Now let me tell you the pros and cons of the above two options.

Option # 1: Winning a lottery or winning a Casino bet

Pros Cons
Quick money – Can be a millionaire or billionaire over night High risk involved
Short lived activity – easy cash Get addicted to the bad habit of gambling
Money is not guaranteed


Option # 2: Winning an educated bet after collecting all the relevant information

Pros Cons
Positive return on investment Sometimes the return on investment might be low as the risk involved is low
Risk is low since an informed decision is taken
Lifelong activity


Now let’s see how the rich and the poor react to these two options. The poor will always pick option number 1 as they like to be rich instantly. They rarely care about the risk involved in the decision they make as long as they receive the lump sum. The poor don’t like to wait for long to get money. They always go for short life activities that make them rich.

How many people have you seen in gambling spots daily? Have you noticed any rich person creeping into those spots by any chance? Not all you can see are poor people who strive hard to find a daily living. Having said that we can’t say that the rich don’t bet. Yes, they do but before getting into a bet they always do a proper background check collecting information and doing the analysis. They take it up only if they are in their favor. That is well-planned and well-executed.

Buckle up guys, there are some more interesting tips to be rich.

Point 8 – Get Rich Training

If you surf the internet you will get to see many training programs which target getting rich. Most of these courses are offered free of charge and there is paid training as well conducted by well-known trainers.

Have you ever seen rich people getting attended to these training programs? Do you think they have become rich by following the tips given in those training? The answer is NO..

Hence the rich always work hard in a smart way to become rich and they don’t follow fantasy ideologies. All they do is trial and error and learn through experience. The poor spend on these training programs thinking that it will make them rich but what truly happens is they are making the facilitators rich by paying money for those training. The rich believe in the fact that action speaks louder than the say whereas the poor always boost about what they are going to do before even starting it.

Point 9 – Self Development

You must be wondering what rich people would be doing if they are not spending either on their money or time. Well, starters would be investing themselves in self-development programs. Please note that these are not programs like “How to be rich or successful?” but programs that can sharpen their skills and knowledge.

For instance, learning about psychology helps them to understand human behavior more broadly. One can start going to a gym to get both physical and mental fitness. Everyone faces ups and downs in life. Failures are common to both the rich and the poor. One should be strong enough to embrace failures without falling apart and for that, strong mental stability should be there. A person will never regret spending money on expensive professional courses which help them to upskill their talents and existing knowledge. The rich also try to be futuristic. They have eager to learn new things and be proactive to the changes that would occur in the future.

Point 10 – Charity

No one has ever become poor by giving. Rich people give millions to many charitable foundations. Their happiness revolves around giving. Sometimes some rich people start their charitable foundation as well. Well, you must be thinking the rich have extra money so that can donate lavishly. In a way, you are correct but don’t forget you can donate not only money but also your time and effort too. You can spend your time in some other volunteering activity that helps you to stay away from negativity and promote positivity. You don’t need money to do these all what you need some quality time.

One extra tip for you which helps in your way.

Point 11 – Doing Vs. Dreaming

Many people dream of having a luxurious life but do not work towards achieving it. It all lies on their head. It is useless to dream about having a wealthy living unless you can’t live your dream in reality. Rich people don’t dream about all that they do it they put what’s on their head to action. They work with a plan. Sometimes they can be considered as risk-takers who want to achieve their goals no matter what. For instance, starting up their restaurant or making their film and so on. Dreamers get tired of dreaming when they can’t make their dreams come true but doers don’t get rid of trying hard until their goal is achieved. That’s the main difference I see between a doer and a dreamer.

Are you a Doer or a Dreamer? Think over it…

One more thing, always remember money is attracted automatically for those who make their goal happen. Rich people always consider money as a by-product. But people who put money first for whatever they do will forever keep waiting until miracles happen. Your genuine dedication, quality time spent on whatever you do, loving what you do make it your passion will never let you down. The rule of thumb is that love what you do and there is no shortcut to being rich.

In a nutshell 

Having said everything to be rich there is no point in becoming rich if you don’t have enough time to spend your money. You should have to be with your family, friends, and relatives. Don’t let money control your life. Money should only be a good facilitator to live your life the way you want.

Reading makes you perfect but applying what you have read makes you even more perfect. See you soon with another amazing article which will help your progress. Till then stay tuned!!

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