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Theodore John Conrad: One of America’s Most Wanted Fugitive Bank Teller Who Disappeared With 215K in a Paper Bag

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Theodore John Conrad is a bank teller who worked in Cleveland. In 1669, he vanished with 215k in a paper bag. However, investigators never put back this case and finally identified the man behind this case on Friday, 14 November 2021. This is all about the five-year-long investigation and how law enforcement became a success.

Theodore John Conrad
Theodore John Conrad

July 1969 in Cleveland: Theodore John Conrad

Theodore is a bank teller who used to work in a bank located in Cleveland. As we know, one of the most needed qualities f a banker is trustworthiness. Since the bank is holding public money – indeed, for business purposes- the bank has to keep this trustworthiness between the bank and the public. Also, trustworthiness between the employees is a must because any employee who has a notorious idea can break the chain of trust.

Today, it can be hard to steal money from the bank as an employee due to the security features in the bank. Electronic security devices, cameras, enhanced biometric features, and computer systems optimized to the maximum level are suing the banks to avoid any misconduct.

However, in 1969, stealing money from the bank as a teller became a success for Conrad. He was working as a bank teller in Cleveland. One day, at the end of his shift, 20-year-old Conrad stole $215k in a paper bang and vanished. Bank authorities became unknown till the vault opened in following Monday about the missing money. $215K is now nearly worth $1.7 million, and Conrad became rich instantly and never showed up until 14 November 2021.

Is Conrad inspired by “the Thomas Crown Affair”?

U.S federal Lao Enforcements discovered that Conrad’s home was close to “The Thomas Crown Affair” filmed. In the original film, the main character steals more than $ 2 million from the Boston Bank.

The Federal Law Enforcement agency stated that” the film inspired Conrad. He bragged his friends before stealing money. How easy to become rich by stealing money from a bank”.

Investigations Continue Over Decades

Conrad’s heist was done on a Friday evening. The bank did not know the money was missing until Monday. However, when the teller did not show up and all investigations about him were clueless, the case became cold.

Certainly, U.S Law Enforcement Agencies did not give up on the case. They sweetened entire states, including California, Hawaii, Texas, and Oregon. His case hung up in the “most wanted list” and “mysteries.”

After five decades of investigation, authorities found that Conrad was living in Massachusetts and revealed Conrad has resided in Boston with a low profile. he was lived in a different name and maintained a quiet lifestyle to avoid attention from others. In addition, authorities compared his 1960’s documents with recent paperwork, including bankruptcy notice filed at the Boston Federal Court.

Unfortunately, one of the most wanted bank heist performers died of lung cancer in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, at 71.

 Two Generations Who Tried to Find Conrad

One of the key investigators of the case is Peter J Elliot, a neighbour of  Conrad in 19060s, Cleveland. He worked as U.S Marshal, Ohio. His son dedicated his career as a deputy U.S   Marshal to solve the mystery from 1969 until his retirement in 1990. Also, he chased Conrad till his death in 2020 and desperately wanted a  closeup of the case.

Moreover, Elder Elliot’s documents uncovered did an essential job in confirming Conrad’s identity, said junior Elliot.

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