Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Second Chase Ink Bold Approved!

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I signed up for the recent 60,000 sign up offer for the Chase Ink Bold credit card.  The reason why this is interesting is because I already hold the Chase Ink Bold Mastercard, and now have my second Chase Ink Bold approved, which is a Visa.  Chase treats the Visa version of the Chase Ink Bold and Plus as separate products from the Mastercard version.  I was quite surprised to have my second Chase Ink Bold approved quite easily!

Second Chase Ink Bold credit card approved!

Second Chase Ink Bold credit card approved!

Here are some of my data points for applying for the Chase Ink credit cards.  I hope this helps your situation in deciding whether or not to apply for the credit card:

  • Chase Ink Bold Mastercard – Applied for on 2/9/2012 for Business #1
  • Chase Ink Plus Mastercard – Applied for on 11/9/2012 for Business #2
  • Chase Ink Bold Visa – Applied and approved on 5/3/2014 for Business #1

I’m not sure if waiting 2 years from my other Chase Ink Bold upped my chances for approval or not.  When I applied, I received a pending application and called the next day.  The customer representative put me on hold for a few minutes and when she got back to me, I was instantly approved with no questions! 

I was quite shocked that they didn’t ask me any questions about my business or mention the other Chase Ink Bold and Plus cards I had.  It might be important to note that my last Chase approved card was in August 2013.  I had taken a break from Chase to up my chances of approval (also I’ve applied for most of the useful cards already).

I’m quite sure that I will receive the 60,000 UR points after spending $5,000 in 3 months.  I will report back for sure when they post.  I should be receiving my new card pretty soon.


It is definitely possible to have two Chase Ink Bold credit cards at the same time if you currently have the Mastercard version.  However, I know for a fact you can’t hold two of the exact some cards though.  If you are in my a similar situation, I might consider applying for another Chase Ink credit card.  However, not everyone’s situation will be the same and don’t expect a similar situation.  I take no responsibility for your actions.  I’m stoked that another 60,000 UR points will be coming in a couple months!  Anybody else apply for a Chase Ink Visa credit card after holding the Mastercard version?

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