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Lili Tomovich – Barclay’s New Chief Marketing Officer in the U.S.

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Barclays U.S. Consumer bank announced the appointment of Lili Tomovich as their Chief Marketing Officer on 20th September 2021. Meanwhile, Tomovich will report to Denney Nealson, CEO of Barclays U.S. Consumer Bank. Moreover, she will also represent the bank’s executive committee.

As the chief marketing officer, Lili Tomovich in Barclays Bank will oversee branding, customer experience, lifecycle management, bank marketing technology, product marketing, marketing communications, and customer and market research.

Lili Tomovich in Barclays Bank U.S

With the focus on brand management, advertising, loyalty marketing, FinTech, advanced marketing analytics, and consumer insights, Lili embedded herself as an exceptional leader in the U.S. marketing field. Consequently, she led award-winning marketing campaigns and product launches like MGM Digital Venture. Above all, her experience is diversified in hospitality, Fintech, Financial Services, Retail, and Consumer Marketing industries in the U.S, Canada, and Asia.

“I’m excited to join an organization like Barclays that has such a strong reputation in the market and an ambitious growth agenda,” Said Tomovich by joining Barclays.

“I’m thrilled to have such a talented marketing leader like Lili join our organization,” said Nealson. We wish the very best to Lili Tomovich and Barclays for a bright future.

Lili Tomovich, the Ultimate Marketing Profile.

Lili Tomovich is a top marketing personality interested in Digital and Brand Transformation, Hospitality, Retail, FinTech areas.

Popovich started her journey as an Assistant Marketing Manager in CITI bank (1994-1996). CITI bank is a global financial service provider with having a wide range of financial products. After that, she joined Rogers Communication (1996-1998). Rogers communication is one of the largest providers in voice, data communication, and cable services.

After that, considering her achievements, target-driven career, and leadership skills with a professional background, she was hired and recruited to the “AIR MILES” program as Associate Director, Marketing in 1998. Consequently, she ended as Director, Brand Marketing in 2005. The program is linked to designing and delivering loyalty programs to fortune customers worldwide.

After that, she joined To Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors. After that, she joined Master Card as a senior director of consumer marketing. She ended her career in Master Card as Senior V.P., U.S. Consumer Marketing. In the same vein, she joined to Board of Directors, Canada Basket Ball.

In 2014, Tomovich joined MGM Resort International, an S&P 500 global entertaining company (NYSE: $16Bn). MGM has a portfolio of 15 leading brands and led MGM Digital Ventures’ launch.

After six years of service in MGM, she held senior roles in Grove Collaborative as Chief Marketing Officer. Also, she served as a member of the Board of Directors in Dine Brands Global. Stuart Landsberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative, said, “Lili is an exceptional leader and admired marketer with a track record of building brands, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the Grove team.”

Lili Tomovich Graduated from Brock University in Sociology. Moreover, she completed an MBA from Wayne State University – Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank is a well-established bank, origins in the U.K., having over 300 years of history. Indeed, you can trace the ancestry back to two goldsmith bankers, Johne Freame and Thomas Gould, doing business in Lombard St., London, in 1690. They were financing Quaker traders in new colonies in America and Caribbean Islands. They were active partners of Quaker–dominated companies. For instant, London Lead company and Welsh Copper Company are some of the Quaker companies they invested in.

Freame’s son Joseph took his brother-in-law, James Barclay, into the business on 17. As a result, the “Barclay” name was added to the business after that. Barclays have their ties around the U.K. including, East Anglia, Midlands, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Yorkshire.

In addition, Barclays is the fifth-largest bank in Europe. It operates in over forty countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and America. Moreover,  Barclays employs approximately 83,000 people worldwide. Currently, Barclays operates in the Retail and corporate banking sector, insurance sector, and investment solution sector.

Barclays Bank in the U.S

In Barclays U.S. chapter, the bank established an affiliate in 1695 as Barclays Bank of California in San Francisco.

Subsequently, Barclays provides its services to over 7 million U.S. citizens. The bank offers all the services digitally by enabling it to grab the products from anywhere. For an instant, you can experience the products ranging from handy-credit card solutions, savings and CD accounts with the best rates and personal loans. Moreover, the product bundle has tailor-made solutions for a quick grab. Similarly, the bank promises customized solutions to cater to your request.

Moreover, Barclay always except the thrive of community and individual clients that they live and work with. Most importantly, the bank understood the importance of the community’s economic growth and progress. For instant, Barclays plays a pivotal role in digital innovations in the banking sector.

To sum up, we wish Barclays Bank and their newly appointed chief marketing officer Lili Tomovich to continue their service. In addition, to provide a prosperous future to their customers, partners, shareholders, and communities.

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