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How to save more money from Home

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Nowadays, an ordinary house is bombarded with many electronic devices and spending too much money on those. It could be your smartphone and its charger, your desktop computer or laptop, Television, radio. But, hold on, I think it is easy to mention the things we do not have in the list rather than telling what we have. isn’t it? So Well, do you want to know how to save money from Home? 

How to save more money from Home

Just forget about the cost you make to buy them but how much electricity it consumes daily out of your sense. We plug in our phone to the charger almost daily. Unless we plug our PC is plugged in, it does not work without power. Sometimes we forget to unplug the phone charger, and it keeps on charging for days and days as we take the phone with us when it is wholly or partially set.  We do not bother about it much because we think it consumes little electricity. But we were wrong, my dear friends. I also think the same, but this is what I figured out. So, in this article, I will be sharing some super easy tips on how you can save money from your Home.  So without further ado, let’s get started.

Tip No. 01 – Charging Tip

Try not to charge your electronic devices all the time. It is not even suitable for the battery as well. Because extensive charging will damage the battery life and performance, you must be wondering how to save battery in your phone, laptop, or any other electronic device.  Well, enable the battery-saving mode of your phone and laptop because you do not need to see what’s on it with high brightness unless you are in the dark. A low brightness level is suitable for your eyesight as well.

On the other hand, you can put your laptop into sleep mode when not in use. Hence, sleep mode reduces the frequency of charging, and ultimately it works for your pocket, too, as you can cut down some units of your electricity bill. Of course, you must be thinking to save in millions and billions, but please do remember that six or seven-digit made up with a collection of the single penny you keep. So, if you can manage your money wisely, you can save money from Home. 

Tip No. 02 – Save money from Cheaper Price 

When a new electronic device is launched, are you someone who wants to be on the list of the first set of buyers? If so, here is a warning for you.  You know what?  Sometimes you might have paid double the amount in a hurry. Don’t be hurry when buying electronic devices. Let’s say you want to buy an iPhone. The best thing is to do thorough research on prices offered by various sellers. Because sometimes, you can find original products at lower prices if you do proper background research. Always understand the product’s specifications you want to buy with price comparisons if available. Then you have the gut even to ask the sellers why their prices are high if another sells the same product at a lesser price.  When you go blindly to the shop, you can be easily cheated—no point in regretting the high price paid on your way home. Many more websites and apps help you make comparisons based on device specifications, and even the prices are also available. Always be well aware of what you want to buy then you can get a good deal. 

Tip No. 03 – Depreciation Tip

In college days, you must have learned about depreciation. But have you ever depreciated your communication devices/ computers in practice?  Am I driving you crazy by saying so?  Of course, you can sell your unused devices and make some money out of them. Well, let me be precise. Imagine you have your old camera out of use since the day you bought your new smartphone. Isn’t it depreciating day by day? So, why can’t you sell it on eBay? I have come across many people over there selling their unused devices on eBay and making money. If something of you is not in use anymore, why filling up your space? All you got to do is to sell it off and invest that money in something else.  You can do this to your old computer, phone, fax machine. You name it. It is possible for everything. This is one of the super easiest ways to get rid of your scrap and make some money online.

Tip No. 04 – How to save from ditching your Home phone line  

“Phone bill is too much now.” 

How to save more money from Home

This was a common complaint I heard those days from my parents at the end of every month. This is so true; when you look at the breakdown of the phone bill, you get to see a lot of tax levy, and considerably a tiny amount is charged for your voice calls. So why do we need a telephone?  The answer is pretty much straightforward. That is to communicate messages. So why do you want to pay extra that goes beyond the purpose? Unlike earlier, the home phone is not the only option for us nowadays. This is because we have so many cost-effective communication devices and networks at hand. You can use skype/WhatsApp to make calls or budget voice and SMS packages introduced by mobile service providers. One more extra tip for you. Try to use a pre-paid connection rather than a post-paid connection because then you have to pay only for the actual usage, not for any tax levy. So easily you can save money from Home with less effort. 

Tip No. 05 – Extended warranties rip you off.

Sometimes sellers out there ask you to go for an extended warranty, saying it is helpful in the long run. But is it true? Does it save you money? It is a trap!! You might not use an item for a long time. Especially when it comes to an electronic item, No way you would use it for more than two years. So why are you spending extra on an extended warranty? It is an advertising illusion. Stop wasting your money on these unwanted extras. 

Tip No. 06 – Use Wi-Fi or Mobile data instead of phone calls 

Regular phone calls cost a lot of money.  Just imagine you want to take an overseas call and trying to connect through a typical phone call.  Good Lord!! Your phone bill will go to sixes. All you can do is install WhatsApp or Skype and even connect to video calls. Yet, it costs you lower than phone calls.  OMG!! Those were the days which we had to spend hell a lot of money when making international calls. This is when we feel the internet and communication apps are gods sent. Network coverage is almost all over the world. So, we do not necessarily be worried about signal issues. Of course, there could be buffering issues, but now it is manageable. If you still used to take more normal phone calls, it is high time to switch to WhatsApp or Skype calls.  Alright, guys, step by step, we have come to an end of our article. Yes, we have to think big in saving, but keep in mind that we need to start saving from little things that others can easily ignore. Further, you can manage your money at hand by protecting it to make more money

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