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Discover Savings Review: High APY and No Fees

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Discover’s high-yielding savings account is one of the best in its class when it comes to savings. The low cost and ease of use of your Discover Online Savings accounts.

Essential features, especially online features. These details and details are discussed in this detailed Discover Online Savings account review.

Discover online savings reviews ultimately.

Below are some of the critical benefits and improvements you can make with your Discover Online Savings account.

Best welfare

The annual interest rate is 0.40%. Discover Online Savings Account APY is one of the best accounts offered by top online savings accounts. All balances meet the same interest rate. This is different from some competing online savings accounts with a gradual rate based on their account balance.

There is no monthly balance requirement. Discover’s high-yielding savings accounts are widely available to a wide range of account holders. This includes depositors who do not maintain large monthly balances.

Free of charge. We will not pay for suspension instructions, excessive withdrawals, inadequate funds, or monthly maintenance.

Mobile app. Discover has one of the best mobile apps for online banking reviewed. Mobile applications are essential for online savings accounts. Customers need to rely on technology that facilitates transactions usually processed face-to-face at banks. Depositors can access Discover account details, view account activity, deposit checks, and transfer funds electronically.

FDIC insurance. Like traditional banks, Discover is a member of the FDIC. In other words, in the unlikely event that a bank goes bankrupt, your funds will be protected. The FDIC provides each depositor and each institution with the protection of up to the US $ 250,000.

What can be improved

Cash card. Discover Online Savings accounts do not offer ATMs or convenience cards for withdrawals. However, you can open your Discover Cashback Debit account at the same time as your savings account. It allows you to transfer funds between accounts to facilitate ATM and debit transactions. In addition, your account can be rebate monthly through the purchase of a debit card.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

Discover has no physical branch. However, there are multiple deposit and withdrawal options.

High APY and No Fees

Deposit options

Here are your choices for depositing money into your Discover Online Savings account:

  • Mobile deposit
  • Online transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct deposit
  • Mailing in a check

Withdrawal options

When you need to withdraw money from your Discover Online Savings account, you have these options:

  • Wire transfer
  • Official bank checks
  • Online transfers to external banks
  • Transfer to other Discover accounts
  • Suppose you want to transfer funds electronically to another Discover account, such as a Discover checking account. In that case, you can withdraw cash quickly and easily at any ATM in your banking network.

Comparison of online savings accounts

  • Discover Online Savings accounts have many attractive benefits, but they are not suitable for everyone. Check out these other top-ranked online savings account options to see if they are more ideal for you. They also pay high fees and do not charge monthly maintenance fees.
  • The Discover Online Savings account is suitable for the following situations:
  • The Discover Online Savings account is a reliable option for anyone interested in earning a high APY while avoiding many standard banking fees. As long as you can easily manage your finances online, you won’t complain too much, especially when pairing this account with your Discover checking account.

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