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Do Sonesta Travel Pass Points Expire?

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Yes, Sonesta Travel Pass points do expire if there is no account activity for 24 months. According to the terms and conditions of the Sonesta Travel Pass program:

“All Rewards Points expire after 24 months of inactivity from the date of their issuance.”

Sonesta Travel Pass has emerged as a significant player, rapidly expanding its footprint in the hospitality industry. If you’re a member or considering joining, understanding the rules around points expiry and how to maximize your rewards is essential. Here’s what you need to know about Sonesta Travel Pass, its points expiry policy, earning and redeeming points, and its transformation into a major contender in the hotel loyalty landscape.

Sonesta Travel Pass Points Expiry Policy

Sonesta Travel Pass rewards its members with points for their loyalty, but these points come with an expiry clock. If there is no account activity for 24 months, your Sonesta Travel Pass points will expire. According to the program’s terms and conditions, “All Rewards Points expire after 24 months of inactivity from the date of their issuance.”

What Constitutes Activity

Eligible activity involves accruing or redeeming Rewards Points and accruing a Qualified Room Night. A “Qualified Room Night” refers to an overnight stay booked and paid for at a Qualified Rate under the member’s name and Sonesta Travel Pass ID number.

Earning and Redeeming Sonesta Travel Pass Points

STP Member Tier Chart. Downloadable PDF below.

Earning Sonesta Travel Pass points can be achieved through various methods:

  • Stays at Eligible Sonesta Properties: Earn 10 points per dollar spent.
  • Stays at Sonesta Simply Suites Hotels: Receive 5X points.
  • Spending with the Sonesta World Mastercard®: Earn points for everyday spending.

Redeeming Sonesta points for stays is based on a tier system:

  • Tier 1 properties: 10,000 points
  • Tier 2 properties: 12,500 points
  • Tier 3 properties: 15,000 points
  • Tier 4 properties: 17,500 points
  • Tier 5 properties: 20,000 points
  • Tier 6 properties: 22,500 points
  • Tier 7 properties: 25,000 points
  • Tier 8 properties: 27,500 points
  • Tier 9 properties: 30,000 points
  • Tier 10 properties: 40,000 points
  • Tier 11 properties: 50,000 points

Sonesta Travel Pass Transformation

In recent years, Sonesta Travel Pass has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a small player in the hotel industry to a significant contender. The brand’s growth has been fueled by acquisitions, including Red Lion Properties and former IHG and Marriott properties. With over 1,200 properties globally, including a strong presence in the U.S., Sonesta Travel Pass has become a noteworthy participant in the loyalty program landscape.


Sonesta Travel Pass offers a straightforward and uncomplicated loyalty program with a reasonably generous points expiry policy. As the program continues to expand and gain prominence, it presents an appealing option for those seeking simplicity in their loyalty program experience. Whether you’re a seasoned member or considering joining, Sonesta Travel Pass is worth exploring for its rewards, redemption options, and growing influence in the hotel industry.

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