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Citi Premier® & Citi Rewards+® | Best Credit Card Duo

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Most of us use one credit card for all general use. Even someone may have two or more credit cards but from different card providers. But, when you finish your reading on this article, you may think, “Why only one card when Citi provides the best credit card duo for travel and cash back in the market?” So, let’s find out the market’s best credit card duo, Citi Premier and Citi Rewards+.

Citi Premier Credit Card | Citi Rewards+ Credit Card

Signup Bonus – Citi Premier & Citi Rewards+

Many credit cards give attractive signup bonus offers but less in later requests. But you may realize a real deal in signup bonus is offered by Citi for the two credit cards.

Citi Premier Credit Card provides 80,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 within the first three months of account opening. Also, keep remembering these 80,000 points can redeem as gift vouchers worth $800.

Citi rewards credit card comes with 20,000 thank you points after spending $2,000 within the first three months of account opening. Also, these points can redeem as gift vouchers worth $200.

While both credit cards have attractive signup bonus offers, there is some important thing to remember in applying for both credit cards. Citi has a restriction on the Thank You Points eligible credit cards; when you open or close Thank You Points credit card within the past 24 months, you are ineligible for the welcome bonus of a new Thank You Points earning card.

In addition to that, you need a FICO score of 670 or higher to apply for Citi Premier Credit Card. Citi bank does not specify the FICO score for opening a Rewards+ credit card, but you may indeed need a “good” FICO score to apply for Rewards+ Credit Card. If you want to check your FICO Score, click on the link.

Annual fee and APR

Citi Premier Credit card’s annual fee is $95, which is a very reasonable yearly fee compared with the market’s trending credit cards. Also, the Citi Premier Credit card does not have any foreign transaction fee, and that’s why it has become one of the best travel credit cards.

APR of the Citi Premier Credit card is variable from 15.99% to 23.99%. It is entirely based on your creditworthiness. So, if you care more about your financials, Citi keeps with lower APR.

Citi Rewards+ has absolutely zero annual fees, which is something remarkable in the credit card market. Also, zero APR for the first 15 months on balance transfer and purchases. After that, you have to transfer the credit card balance within the first four months of account opening.

The introductory offer for the balance transfer is 3% ($5 min) within the first four months of account opening.

After the first 15 months of account opening, variable APR will apply based on your creditworthiness.

Citi Premier® Card Rewards

Not only the massive signup bonus, but Citi premier also have a list of credit card rewards that you can use to earn more points. You can make 3X Thank You Pints by dining at your favorite restaurant, picking groceries in the supermarkets. Even you can earn 3X Thanks You pints by filling gas and for Air and Hotel Stays.

In addition to that, you can earn 1X ThankYou Points for all of your other spendings through the Citi Premier Credit Card.

Moreover, you will be eligible for $100 off for a single hotel stay of $500 or more once in a calendar year. All you have to do is place your bookings through or 1-800-THANKYOU and complete the full payment with your Citi Premier Credit Card.

Citi Premier is also a contactless credit card, and you have just tapped your card to make a payment. Also, you can have additional credit cards with zero extra cost and earn more points fastly.

Citi Rewards+ Perks and Rewards

You can earn 2X points per dollar you spend in gas stations and supermarkets. In all other purchases, you can make 1 point per one dollar. In addition to that, Citi Rewards+ has a fantastic point round-up scheme for you. Citi Rewards+ will round up the issues you have earned per transaction into the nearest 10 points. So, you can earn 10 points by just purchasing a coffee worth $2.

How to Redeem ThankYou Points with Citi Premier and Citi rewards+ credit cards.

Citi provides a wide range of options to redeem your points with a maximum value for the facts.

There are several straightforward ways when you are about to redeem the Thank You Points you have earned. First, you can save your thank You Points online and call to Thank You call center.

To redeem the points online, visit and view the entire rewards collection. Then you can add items to your cart. You can also select student loan rebates and monthly mortgage payment rewards, which are only redeemable with Thank You points.

You can access the Thank you call center by 1-800-842-6596 from the U.S and 859-283-8016 from outside the U.S. You can also use Thank You Points to shop online with and The points can redeem at a value of 1 cent per pint at these online stores.


Travel with Citi Premier and Cili Rewarsds+ Thank You Points

There is another impressive way to redeem your Thank You Points coupled with Citi Air Travel Partners. There are around 15 travel partners who accept Thank You Points in a 1:1 ratio for travel points of miles. So, you can transfer and earn 100,000 Thank You Points into 100,00 travel points of miles with travel partners.

Here are some leading air travel partners

Avianca is the most undervalued south American air travel provider and has a unique point transfer program, LifeMiles. The Avianca is a good of frequent travelers with domestic short-haul flights.

Singapore suites and first-class air is a kind of most elegant air travel option in the world. You can transfer and redeem the points for air travel with KrisFlyer.

Etihad Guest loyalty program is another way to transfer and redeem your travel points. Etihad is the world’s best airway. You can earn 50% more miles with Etihad since they are celebrating the 50th anniversary. The offer is valid up to 31 October 2021.

Delta One Suite with Vergine Atlantic Flying Club, Qatar Qsuite with American Airlines AAdvantage (temporary travel partner till 31 November 2021 are some additional air travel point transfer options available with Thank You Points.


So, we hope you will reconsider having the best travel and cashback credit card duo, Citi Premier and Citi Rewads+, instead of one credit card. This information is based on the information given on the official sites as a day. It is subject to change without our prior notice. So, please share your valuable thoughts regarding the best credit card duo.

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