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Ethan Rivers

Hi there! I'm Ethan Rivers, a financial enthusiast and the proud author behind the popular financial blog, "Roms Deals." With a passion for helping others achieve financial freedom, I've spent years diving deep into the intricacies of personal finance, investment strategies, and wealth management. Through my blog, I aim to demystify the world of finance and provide practical tips that anyone can apply to their financial journey. Having worked in the financial industry for over a decade, I've gained valuable insights and experience that I love sharing with my readers. From navigating the stock market to maximizing savings, I strive to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions. Join me on this exciting journey towards financial empowerment and let's unlock the doors to a brighter financial future together. Welcome to "Roms Deals"!

Henry Grant

Introducing Henry Grant, the insightful voice behind the captivating financial blog, "Roms Deals." With a sharp analytical mind and a passion for unraveling complex financial concepts, Henry brings a unique perspective to the world of personal finance. Armed with a degree in economics and years of experience in the banking industry, he possesses an uncanny ability to break down intricate financial topics into digestible pieces for his readers. Henry's writing style is engaging and relatable, making even the most intimidating financial subjects accessible to all. Join him on his journey to empower individuals to make informed decisions and achieve financial success.


Rom is the first author and started this blog to save money for thousands of Americans; He also shared his knowledge of saving money, using money, and making deposits to achieve each individual's financial goals. And now he moved on a different adventurous journey that he liked; He is an amazing writer best wishes to him.

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